recomended supplement quantaties


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I've was wondering how supplement companies work out their recommended dosage for their products. Is there some sort of industry standard or formula? Does each company have it's own method? I guess each product & company is different.

Do they work it out based on a "traditional" workout (if we're talking about the sort of supps you take during workouts). If we're doing a full body workout should we take more? If we're doing split type routines should we reduce the quantity? Would following a training regime like HST that avoids failure mean we don't need as much as normally recommended?

Do they base it on average muscle mass (or simply average weight!!!??
), and if so what is average muscle mass for the average gym rat? If we're big or small should we adjust accordingly for optimum results (and costs!)?

If some people could save just about 10% a month, that means a free supp each year, with several supps that could be hundreds of dollars!! (Millions if you live in Zimbabwe!!

Or more importantly could some of you big guys be slowing your results as you're not getting enough?

Does anyone know of such things?
Considering that the very best supp is food, one has to push beyond the hype to get real-world values.
Many supps just don't work, even at larger doses.
Some are just dangerous, like the recently discontinued LG Sciences Lipotropics (speed).
Some are judged by "average" 200lb lifters. Most buyers weigh less.
Some are made in someone's kitchen with bulk materials and labeled by their kids: Markup - 3000%
Ever notice how most supps tend to cost you about $30.00/month? Think about it.  

Take Creatine, the most studied substance in our world: The love to tell you that you need a "loading" phase. You don't.
Yeah, a lot of it is garbage. Creatine loading has been debunked - it was a great way of selling more when the stuff used to be really expensive though!

For me, I know a lot of what it takes for me to get the effect of a supplement. I know how much protein I need to grow - 250g a day, mostly from food. 10g of creatine a day, split in two doses, does help me. I don't feel beta alanine unless I have 5g, same goes for arginine, and caffeine under 100mg does absolutely nothing for me at this point.

There is basically NO regulation, which is why it's good to stick with trusted brands and pure products. I've thought about putting together a supplement product some day. I don't like stuff like MuscleTech puts out there.. tons of filler crap.

I don't need all this stuff, but when you buy pure and bulk, it's not that expensive... plus I like doing reviews on my site.
Yeah, I thought that was the case.

Would be good if we had more detail or if companies had to quote dose per lb of bodyweight or something, we all know what is recommended for protein. Guess they just work on the basis 90% will be within the window on most supps, though I doubt it'll make a noticeable difference even if we aren't, unless you're the size of Dorian Yates