Recovery From Surgery (appendectomy)

Discussion in 'General Training' started by _Simon_, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. _Simon_

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    Ah wow really it burst.. Great they got it all done in time. Recovery may be different for you then possibly, not sure, mine was actually ongoing for like a month (not usually possible for appendicitis, but it wasn't suspected to be that initially and thought to be a UTI and other stuff, so I was given antibiotics which apparently can settle down appendicitis, only for it to come back later!). And when they found it they still weren't really convinced it was that, but later after proper analysis it was mild acute appendicitis.

    So mine was a mild early onset case, yours maybe bit more severe, but yeah I know what you mean in wanting to get back into things haha. But yeah best thing to do is recover properly and rest, don't do too much or you'll just end up back in hospital ay.

    And funny that, I've lost exactly 5kg too haha, but it usually comes back fairly quickly after starting up again anyways. Take care
  2. Browner

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    Yeah luckily they managed to get it done through key hole surgery but was showing early signs of peritonitis which is why I had a few days in hospital and ultra strong Anti biotics.

    But I guess my recovery time should be the same as the end result was the same as yours lol

    It's actually feeling a bit better today but then again I've upped the pain relief, spoke to the dr and suggested combining paracetamol with ibuprofen and it's working a treat.

    Really appreciate your advice by the way... I feel like you're my canary down the mine
  3. _Simon_

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    Ah yeah wow.. Yeah those two help, they gave me endone as well just in case as I was having pretty bad pains in the hospital, but glad it's helping.

    Ah no worries at all, I just know the feeling of being in such pain and unable to move, just know that it gets better, slowly but surely, just a bit of time to really take advantage of doing nothing at all, it's quite lovely to just stop everything haha
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  4. Lol

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    I’ve missed a load of posts here but am trying to catch up a bit. Sorry you’ve had a set back but all the very best for your recovery, Browner. I do hope it goes well mate

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