Rep ranges changing in the same week like UD, info?

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  1. Has brian or any members ever posted logs or info in regards to changing the reps in the same week Monday 15, Wednesday 10 Friday 5 ? then after 6 or 8 weeks add in some negatives??

    just looking for info on this, please and thank you
  2. T-man

    T-man New Member

    No, because that's not an HST program....
  3. HST uses UD methods and the every 2 week rep changes were only to simplify the routine for people. So if that's the case how is changing it in teh same week no longer a HST program?
  4. T-man

    T-man New Member

    How do you propose progressing the weight each training session without major stairstepping the weights? Give an example of a complete cycle of say, Squats.
  5. leegee38

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    What HST principle does it violate?
  6. T-man

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    Excessive stairstepping. I asked him for an example cycle of one lift to figure out what he meant. If you understand, maybe you can post an example?
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  7. T-man

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    Here's a typical cycle of 15's, 10's & 5's

    15's10's 5's
    160 195 225
    170 210 240
    180 220 255
    195 235 270
    205 250 285
    215 260 300

    Show me how to cycle rep ranges during the week, and progress the weight each session without excessive stairstepping. The only way I see is to minimize the 15's to have any chance of holding to HST principles and it would look something like this:

    M W F
    160X15 195X10 225X5
    205X15 210X10 240X5
    235X10 255X5 250X10
    270X5 260X10 285X5

    There is some stairstepping here, but you have to drop the 15's after 2 sessions, and the cycle is 13 training days instead of 18. KISS, IMO.
  8. Totentanz

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    Yes. The posts are too old to dig up easily. But yes, it works about the same as a standard HST layout though, so no real advantage unless you are able to stick to it better psychologically or something?

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