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  1. Just a quick question regarding rep ranges. i know this question may have been answered somwhere else but im curious, insted of doing 2 weeks of 15's, 10's etc, is it ok to go 15,12,10,8,5,5 working up to your max each week. weights sould be increasing each time but reaching failure of the last work out of each week.

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    Yes, although there are pros and cons to each methodology.
  3. what are the pro's and cons? i was thinking it would be more specific to do it 15,12,10 etc.
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    The biggest cons to the 15, 12, 10, etc. range method are that:

    A. Your increments will be smaller and rather close together.

    B. You will be working at your failure weight twice as often.

    C. It requires a finer tuning of your maxes.

    The pros are that:

    A. It is less boring which I find important in keeping my mental attitude high.

    B. Some people need less tendon and joint work than others and benefit from greater time spent in the traditionally considered "anabolic" range of 8 to 12 reps.

    Basically, it comes down to personal preference. It isn't going to make a majot difference in your long term results.
  5. Good point O&G

    Probably why Bryan says in the FAQ "Zig Zagging"

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