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  1. seancasey23

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    ok so i just finished my first day of 15's

    PLEASE DON'T LAUGH AT MY poundage as they are miniscule (but hey according to you guys i haven't had my newbie gains yet and we all have to start somewhere).

    the routine:

    20 total reps clustered (aiming for target reps on first set in any given microcycle)

    1A) Dips:
    15RM = Body Weight (I can only do 12 unassisted reps at my body weight)
    10RM = 23lbs
    5RM = 50lbs

    1B) Chin Ups: 15RM = Body Weight (I can only do 10 unassisted reps at my body weight)
    10RM = 10lbs
    5RM = 20lbs

    2A) Lying Leg Raises: 15RM = 10lbs
    10RM = 11lbs
    5RM = 13lbs

    2B) 1 Arm Tricep Extension : 15RM = 26lbs (DB)
    10RM = 30lbs
    5RM = 36lbs

    3A) Cross Body Hammer Curl: 15RM = 26lbs (each DB)
    10RM = 30lbs
    5Rm = 36lbs

    3B) Delt Lateral Raises: 15RM = 26lbs (each DB)
    10RM = 30lbs
    5Rm = 36lbs

    4A) Split-Leg Squats: 15RM = 26 (each DB)
    10RM = 30lbs
    5Rm = 36lbs

    I performed the exercises in a superset where i rested between each exercise and each set 30-60 seconds. For example i did 1A) then i rested 45sec and did 1B) rest 45 sec and do 1A) etc til i got my 20 total reps. should i not superset these exercises??

    1st Workout Results:

    1A) Dips: 15xBW (assisted), 15xBW (assisted) - the second set i just kept going cause i forgot i was only supposed to do 5 more

    1B) Chin Ups: 15xBW (assisted), 5xBW(assisted)

    2A) Lying Leg Raises: 12x0lbs, 8x0lbs (i couldn't hit 15 reps the first set)

    2B) 1 Arm Tri Extension: 15x13lbs, 5x13lbs

    3A) Cross Body Hammer Curl: 15x13lbs, 5x13lbs

    3B) Delt Lateral Raises: 10x13lbs, 8x13lbs, 2x13lbs (i could not hit 15 reps the first set)

    4A) Split-Leg Squat: 8x13lbs, 8x13lbs, 4x13lbs (i could not hit 15 reps the first set)

    So what do you guys think? i don't feel like i do after my usual workout. i feel like i did half a workout. But i'm sure the 3x frequency will make up for it.

    AS LONG AS I raise the weight over time and keep the frequency up regardless of my rep scheme i should be good, right? That's the one golden rule i keep reading about.

    Anything i should change?

    I'm super stoked about the new bulk cycle though. today could be the first day of me gaining 10lbs of lean body mass. that's my goal. i'm not praying for 50lbs my first bulk. a good 10lbs - 15lbs of LBM would be great. Any input to help me get there would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks guys and have a successful day!
  2. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    Nobody here is going to laugh at your poundages. We understand the principle of starting light and increasing load over time.

    I would suggest that you add either squats or deadlifts or both. The amount of muscle you can add to chest, arms, and shoulders is a function of your overall bulk. At your height and current weight, you would do well to put some beef on.

    We often warn newby dieters who want to lose their belly fat that there is no way to lose fat in just one place. There is no such thing as "spot reduction". Similarly, it is not easy to add muscle in only one place without an overall increase in muscle mass.

    Good luck with your training. Keep us posted.
  3. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member

    I'm doing split-leg squats, are those not good? I only have dumbbells at my house and i have 4 10lbs plates, 4 5lbs plates, 4 3lbs plates. So i figured do one leg at a time. I really feel the split-leg squats in my hamstrings. Is that supposed to happen?
  4. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member

    just wanted to give everyone on the board the same info...

    My stats:

    24 years old
    15% - 18% BF (estimated from body recomp "BF Estimation" thread)
    11% BF (digital scale, which is said not to be at all accurate)

    my first post was in the "pictures everyone" sticky. my progression over the past year are here:

    8 month progression:
    Transformation copy.jpg

    where i am now:

    I honestly feel like i'm in the best shape of my life. i started out on p90x and tony horton seriously changed my life. i have never been the type to workout AT ALL. i played varsity basketball in high school but i rarely hit the weight room. in college i drank and smoked a lot... so inevitably i ate a lot... so inevitably i gains some fat in the midsection as you can see in the first pic of my progression.

    MY GOAL is to be a model. I want to work as model so please keep this in mind.

    this is my immediate goal:
    A & F Ad.jpg

    this is my ultimate goal (more muscle than above):

    CarlsonTwins01.jpg WetAbs.jpg
    when i get here i just want to maintain.

    now i've been getting a lot of replies saying i desperately need to bulk up. and i have come to agree with that idea. i really do need more muscle.

    HOWEVER, i read a post on on when to bulk and when to cut.

    it was a guy who was 200lbs 6ft tall 30% BF... they all told him to diet down to 10% BF and bulk from there unless his goal was 17% - 18% BF then he could diet down to 15%. i'm at 16% BF... where does that leave me.

    one guy on a similar subject in a different thread said "keep up the bulk, ABS ARE FOR MODELS, comps, and roid heads who can bulk and cut at the same time" I want to be a model... so should i be bulking? or should i just work on my abs and cut down as much as i can?

    i am soo confused.

    even the people on the forums said that i should cut down below 10% before bulking up... but i feel like if i do that i will look, as tunnelrat mentioned in another thread to me, i will look anorexic...

    am i really that skinny?

    the abercrombie model looks pretty skinny. and i don't know if i have really bad judge of bodies but i don't think i'm too terribly far from that abercrombie model in the picture above....

    any comments would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys!
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  5. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member

    some more pictures of my IMMEDIATE GOAL...

    abercrombie-model.jpg 6a00e54ee239178834010536fb7218970c-800wi.jpg pic0288.jpg Abercrombie & Fitch in-store models.jpg

    i want to look like this ASAP. i want to look like this yesterday... i want to get out there and get some photo shoots in already... what should i be doing? bulking? i need advice.
  6. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member


    so this training log thing is pretty cool. i used to have to rummage through tons of random sheets of paper that i use to record my lifts but everything is right here for me to look at in a very linear lay-out.

    Can i put my diet in here too?

    4 poptarts

    HUGE dinner with my aunt (malaysian/thai restaurant - pan-fried porkchops, vegetable rolls, low-mee sp? noodle soup, 1.5 cups white rice) easily 1500 cals worth of food maybe more)

    1 glass of regular pepsi

    ms fields macadamian white chocolate chip cookie

    2 fun size snickers bars

    the pop-tarts and cookie and snickers is cause i'm strapped for cash at the moment. i will be eating way cleaner. i just am not used to eating 3000+ cals a day since cutting for so long and i wanted something calorie dense to minimize the amount of food i have to consume. tomorrow i will eat rice, breads, pastas, vegetables, beans, etc. as my source of carbs.

    ALSO, what i've realized from my 1st workout results is that:

    my RM's are over-estimated. according to wobbles, which i agree with... but also i realized that I AM TOTALLY A NEWBIE...

    i was looking at my 1st workout and i was trying to figure out my RM's and how much to adjust them when i started to wonder how well i really performed on these workouts... am i supposed to go CRAZY on the lifts and give it 14999% cause i feel like i could've hit 15 reps on my delt lateral raises if my life depended on it...

    When do you know it's time to end the set??? when you don't wanna do anymore, or when you're absolutely positive that if you do one more you're arm will fall right off?
  7. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member i'm gonna tell on myself cause i feel guilty... i'm at work right now and i'm supposed to do my 2nd HST workout today but i'm exteremely tired and had a really rough day today. i feel like goin home and just watching a tv or movie. maybe play some call of duty lol

    if i workout tomorrow instead will i be killing my progress (or lack there of)? i just feel way too lethargic today... sorry, i've let you down :(
  8. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Don't sweat it as long as you get the workout in this week. You have to work, you have to sleep, you should make sure you have a flexible exercise program so you can work it around your schedule. I rarely lift on the same days every single week because I work between 45-55 hours a week depending on what is happening that week and I'm a single father of 3 children - I make it work my lifting when I can. You have to do the same thing if you are serious about results. Work it around your schedule. Yes, some days you might be lifting at 6 in the morning and some days you might be lifting at 9 pm but that is just the way of things. Just make sure you get in the gym three times a week.
  9. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member

    thanks totentanz, i love how HST is flexible like that.

    also to update, wobbles set my macros right and they are as follows.

    BMR: 2505 cals
    Bulk Cals: 3000 cals

    Protein: 200g
    Carbs: 325g

    4 meals a day (it's hard to eat at work) gives me a breakdown per meal like this:

    Protein: 50g
    Fats: 25g
    Carbs: 80g

    Ummm, so yea, just wanted to say that this forum is the TRUUUUUUTH! lol that is all
  10. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member

    recalculated RM's

    1A) Dips:
    15RM = Body Weight (I can only do 12 unassisted reps at my body weight)
    10RM = 15lbs
    5RM = 30lbs

    1B) Chin Ups: 15RM = Body Weight (I can only do 10 unassisted reps at my body weight)
    10RM = 10lbs
    5RM = 20lbs

    2A) Lying Leg Raises: 15RM = 5lbs
    10RM = 10lbs
    5RM = 15lbs

    2B) 1 Arm Tricep Extension : 15RM = 20lbs (DB)
    10RM = 26lbs
    5RM = 30lbs

    3A) Hammer Curls: 15RM = 20lbs (each DB)
    10RM = 26lbs
    5Rm = 30lbs

    3B) Delt Lateral Raises: 15RM = 10lbs (each DB)
    10RM = 15lbs
    5Rm = 20lbs

    4A) Split-Leg Squats: 15RM = 10lbs (each DB)
    10RM = 15lbs
    5Rm = 20lbs
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  11. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member

    2nd session DOWN!

    i feel great, loving HST

    i took out supersetting from the routine and did just straight sets. it's easier for me to guage the load.


    dips: 15xBW (less assistance than last), 5xBW (less assistance

    chins: 15xbw (less assistance, 5xbw (less assistance

    lying leg raises: 15x0, 5x0

    1 arm tri ext: 15x10lbs, 5x10lbs

    hammers: 15x16lbs, 5x16lbs (getting tough to hit 15, started slowing down at 13 reps)

    split leg squats: 15x3lbs (each DB) 5x3lbs

    lateral raises: 15x3lbs, 5x3lbs (really good form)

    FEEL GREAT, now for my creatine
  12. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member

    post-workout measurements (MINISCULE :( )

    weight: 158lbs

    right upper arm: 14.5"
    left upper arm: 14.25"
    chest: 40.5"
    shoulders: 48.5"
    waist: 32"
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  13. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member

    Poundage Lay-Out for 15's

    1. assisted
    2. assisted
    3. 5 unassisted, 10 assisted, 5 assisted
    4. 10 unassisted, 5 assisted, 5 assisted
    5 10 unassisted, 5 assisted, 5 unassisted
    6. 15 unassisted, 5 unassisted

    1. assisted
    2. assisted
    3. 5 unassisted, 10 assisted, 5 assisted
    4. 5 unassisted, 10 assisted, 5 unassisted
    5. 10 unassisted, 5 assisted, 5 assisted
    6. 10 unassisted, 5 assisted, 5 unassisted

    Lying Leg Raises
    1. 0
    2. 0
    3. 0
    4. 3lbs
    5. 3lbs
    6. 5lbs

    1 Arm Tri Extension
    1. 13lbs (too much)
    2. 10lbs
    3. 13lbs
    4. 16lbs
    5. 18lbs
    6. 20lbs

    Hammer Curls
    1. 13lbs
    2. 16lbs
    3. 16lbs
    4. 18lbs
    5. 18lbs
    6. 20lbs

    Split Leg Squats
    1. 13lbs (too much, only hit 8 reps)
    2. 3lbs
    3. 5lbs
    4. 8lbs
    5. 8lbs
    6. 10lbs

    Lateral Raise
    1. 13lbs (too much)
    2. 3lbs
    3. 5lbs
    4. 8lbs
    5. 8lbs
    6. 10lbs

    should i throw calf raises into my routine??
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  14. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member

    3rd workout in the books!

    dips: 15xBW (5unassisted/10assisted), 5xBW (assisted)
    chins: 15xBW (5un/10assissted), 5xBW (assisted)
    lying leg raises: 15x0lbs, 5x0lbs
    1 arm tri ext: 15x13lbs, 5x13lbs
    hammer curls: 15x16lbs, 5x16lbs (getting heavy)
    split leg squats: 15x5lbs, 5x5lbs
    lateral raises: 15x5lbs, 5x5lbs

    FEELING GREAT! after the workout i feel like i could lift a car... i don't feel like i went SUPER Hard, but according to some of the posts i've read, this is the feeling i'm supposed to get. my muscles feel warm, like a christmas sweater by the fireplace warm lol is this normal?

    i feel like i could go a few more sets, but do you advise against that?

  15. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member

    4th workout in the 15's completed

    *note: changed up the order of the routine so i could put abs last (i heard it's better to put abs last)

    dips: 15xBW (10unassisted/5assisted), 5xBW (assisted)

    chins: 15xBW (5unassisted/5assisted), 5xBW(unassisted)

    split leg squats: 15x8lbs, 5x8lbs

    lateral raises: 15x8lbs, 5x8lbs (feeling good)

    hammers: 15x18lbs, 5x18lbs (feeling good)

    lying leg raises: 15x3lbs, 5x3lbs (somewhat difficult)

    1 arm tri extensions: 15x16lbs, 5x16lbs

    i have that arm muscle feeling again. like my muscles have a fever lol - i think that's a good thing. it's not painful or bothersome, just warm and tingly
  16. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member

    5th WORKOUT ohhh YEA!

    note: went back to original order of exercises, hammers first

    dips: 15xBW (10U/5A), 5xBW (U)
    chins: 15xBW (10U/5A), 5xBW (A)
    lying leg raises: 15x3lbs, 5x3lbs
    hammers: 15x18lbs, 5x18lbs (feeling stronger)
    1 arm tri ext: 15x18lbs, 5x18lbs (concentrate on tricep)
    SLSQ: 15x8lbs, 5x8lbs (it burns)
    lateral raises: 15x8lbs, 5x8lbs

    measured my bicep after the workout... 15.5 which is PLUS 1" from last weeks post-workout measurement. NICE!

    i weigh 164lbs though...
  17. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member

    my waist is now 33.25" which is up 1.25" OH NOOOO should i stop eating? or is this normal in a week and a half?
  18. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    I dunno, it's pretty hard to determine any sort of life style change in only a week and a half. Give the program a couple of months -- then measure.
  19. tdawg_33

    tdawg_33 New Member

    I wouldn't freak out just yet. Make sure to weigh/measure yourself in the morning before you eat to give you a more consistant result. If you had eaten before your measurement that could make your stomach "bulge" a bit. Your waist is going to get bigger on a bulk, but it will come off when you cut again.
  20. seancasey23

    seancasey23 New Member

    ok i'm gonna keep eating lol which won't be that hard. thanks

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