Setting Up A Home Gym


I would like to set up a functional home gym with about 1000$ USD, maybe a bit more. Does anyone have suggestions as to what to purchase? I'm thinking of either going for a power cage or multi rack and a good bench as welll as the obvious barbell and adjustable dumbells. What are reliable companies I should look into?

I have found the following products of interest, please tell me what you think:

Body-Solid Multipress Station:

York Fitness Pro Series 209 Multi Bench:

If anyone is from Canada and knows of good online or physical stores, please let me know!


Dip rack and pull up bar are a must.

Good quality bench with olympic weights


I used to deliver and set up home gyms. Just sit on the stuff, touch it and kick it. You can tell a cheap piece of equipment pretty easy. Look in the Penny Saver types of newspapers. You can save tons of cash by getting used equipment.
The body solid power rack looks pretty good for starters.

Then you need at least:

1 x 2 m straight bar
1 x 1.8 m straight bar
1 x E-bar
2 or 3 pairs dumbells

Weight plates

2 x 20Kg / 2 x 15 Kg / 2 x 10 Kg / 2 x 7.5 Kg / 8 x 5 Kg
8 x 2.5 Kg / 8 x 1 Kg

About two weight trees or stands.

1 Fully adjustable bench (incline/decline)

A Power cage would actually be the best:

See pic attached:

That should do it!
Just saw this:


Going for $499.00

Add the bench, bar and weights and you are on the road!
Thanks guys and nice find Fausto! What about just buying normal plates instead of olympic plates to save some money. They come at about half the price for the same poundage. Any suggested models for a bench? What are more reliable barbell companies?


Traps who can't wait to lift at home!
Don't get standard plates, definitely get olympic. Are you sure the standards are 1/2 the price of olympics? I've never seen that, they're usually the same price when I see them in stores.
I got the yukon caribou III system for home and I really like it. I bought it from but I made them match the price with I got it a year with no interest so it was a lot easier to pay off. It has a lot of really nice features and I've had 300 lbs on the smith machine portion of it and it held up no problems. The part that I really like the most is the 200lb weight stack though. Much better than loading plates on it.
Here in Atlanta we have stores called "Play it again Sports" that sell used equipment...I bought my bodysolid freeweight lever machine for about $1300 which sells for about $2200 new. They even threw in a couple of mats to set it on, and gave me oly weight plates for about .40/pound.