sexual abstinence and performance

Discussion in 'General Training' started by [xeno]Julios, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. Moises

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    Yes. The abstract says you don't get significant elevations in T until the seventh day of abstinence. It then says T holds steady (at the elevated level). So, basically, the next ejaculation reduces T by 1/3 and you have to wait another week to get it elevated again.

    I searched PubMed for other research on this and couldn't find anything. But my PubMed searching skills are very weak.

    I didn't see anything in the abstract about the age of the sample population.

    If my interpretation of the data is correct, if you wanted elevated T, you would abstain for long periods of time.

    Or you could try Keebler's strategy and aim for orgasm without ejaculation. That way you could have your fun and your T too. [​IMG]
  2. Keebler Elf

    Keebler Elf New Member

    [​IMG] just squeeze down there when you feel 'it' approaching. Do short (2 seconds or so) holds about 8-10 times and the urge goes away. At first, if the muscles are weak you will feel like it is pushing you towards 'it' but practice makes perfect!

    Oh, the reason I mentioned this originally, beside the fact that I have some perverted need to share my sex life with anyone, is that I was thinking that doing the deed without the climax may push the test up quicker than abstinance. It definately feels that way.
  3. HrshyKissd

    HrshyKissd New Member

    Who wants to do the deed without climaxing? [​IMG]
  4. Keebler Elf

    Keebler Elf New Member

    I did say 'used too...'

    Testosterone raising issues aside, I still use the technique for longer sessions and still let it go at the end when I"M ready not when IT is ready ;)
  5. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    but i'm still confused as to which muscle i should be contracting - like i said, there are two sets of muscles i can contract - the posterior (one used to hold in a fart) and the anterior (the one that moves little johnny)

    I can't flex the anterior without the posterior also contracting, but i can flex the posterior alone. Either contraction will stop the flow of urine. I've tried doing research, but have yet to find an unambiguous description.
  6. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    hm - - this site seems to claim that kegel exercises are bad and can lead to premature ejaculation.

    poorly designed site and confusing to navigate, but that part i quoted does seem to apply to me.
  7. Ruhl

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    I have read somewhere that yogis who practise celibacy can get all the effects of raised estrogen levels (sore nipples, etc). The site basically said that testosterone can convert to estrogen (although it talked about it in terms of the conversion of energies) after long periods of abstinence (I gather a few months).
    This is one source that goes against abstinence. Parehaps the effects of long-term abstinence have yet to be recorded.
  8. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    Hmm - this is another side to this interesting coin:

    Perhaps there is a sweet spot to be milked - too much and you may start getting reduced T.

    Someone needs to do a serious study!
  9. Insane_Man

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    All I know is that the guy is a nut.
  10. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    yeah he has some interesting "research" - but he responds to emails.
  11. willie838

    willie838 New Member

    i'll sacrifice size and strength to bust the god blessed nut.

    --sorry if i'm crude. ;)
  12. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    Ok i'm on my 4th or 5th day of abstinence - just had an incredibly powerful workout - i haven't possessed so much strength in ages. Was doing 225 SLDL's with barehands no straps, and both hands pronated (palms facing behind me). Forearms didn't give out at all like they usually do at that weight.

    Also, when doing my close-grip benches with the EZ bar, i usually have great difficulty hoisting the weight up so i can get into position (i try to do some perversely fangled olympic powerlifting move) and this time was absolutely no problem (115 pounds).
  13. RotatorCuff

    RotatorCuff New Member

    Do wet dreams count against abstinence for the test boost?
    How can you tell if you ejaculated or not? Sometimes when I'm just trying to get hard for that test boost a little bit of fluid slips out.
  14. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    Yeah i think any form of ejaculation cancels it out - preseminal emmissions shouldn't be a problem though, though i'm not 100 percent sure.

    What do you mean get hard for that test boost?
  15. RotatorCuff

    RotatorCuff New Member

    I went five days, I had a close call on day 4 but the PC muscle managed to hold it back. I had the orgasm and everything but no mess. This built up some confidence and I went too far. On day 5 it just flooded out of nowhere, no amount of PC flexing could stop all that. Time to start again :sigh:
  16. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    so you think that bringing urself close to orgasm also gives a test boost? Keebler elf said same thing earlier in this thread i think. Where did you hear about this?
  17. Ruhl

    Ruhl New Member

    I read that attempting to hold back ejaculation can cause 'seminal blasting injuries'. I read this at 'actionlove' on the internet. I trust what the author of the site says so if I were you I would immediately stop attempting to hold back ejaculation before you cause yourself damage.

    Personally I ejaculate once every 10-11 days to help prevent prostate cancer and boost hormonal levels ever so slightly. More or less often, I feel, is detremental.

    Wet dreams don't count. They have no effect on hormones.
  18. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    He's the only person i've been able to find that has that opinion. And I don't think it's the holding back of orgasm he claims is bad, but the exercising of the pc muscle at that point. If his research is so profound, how come it's not entering the mainstream scientific literature?

    Why do you say wet dreams don't count? What is your basis for saying this? What if you had a full out orgasm + ejaculation in your sleep - why would this be different from when you're awake?
  19. [xeno]Julios

    [xeno]Julios New Member

    btw - you said you had the orgasm, but held it back. You realize that when you squeeze the PC muscle, you're actually also squeezing the "tube" through which the semen flows.

    So if you had a genuine orgasm, but squeezed tightly, that's just the same as a normal one, as far as I know, except you're left with a backlog of semen that was released.
  20. Ruhl

    Ruhl New Member

    Maybe the actionlove guy is the first to discover certain important aspects of sexuality. I think so because I have never seen science look into what he has looked into before. There is so little practical research in this area. I don't care whether he scientifically proves his research because there are enough real life accounts to back up what he has said.
    I feel no hormonal changes (mood, concentration, etc) from wet dreams, hence I don't think they count.

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