Shrugs vs. Upright Rows

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by Yomtlhc, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Yomtlhc

    Yomtlhc New Member

    I have pretty much always used Shrugs to workout my traps. I was wondering if alternating/switching to doing Upright Rows (barbell or cable) would be something that I should consider, or if Shrugs are overall a better exercise (maybe since Shrugs allow for a greater weight?)
    Than you in advance for your expertise!
  2. original77

    original77 New Member

    From what i've read would shrugs/upright rows be compound enough for main HST plan?

    Military press/shoulder press would be better.
  3. Yomtlhc

    Yomtlhc New Member

    My workout already incorporates shoulder press. I am doing the Shrugs on top of that.
  4. Kevan67

    Kevan67 New Member

    Hi Yomtlhc

    I do shrugs purley as I can use heavier weight's and that I think they isolate the traps better but that could just be in my head.

    I had behind the back shrugs in my exercise routine for my 15s and , I now rotate between front and behind the back shrugs on my 5s but I also superset them with cleans and military presses. It gets pretty intense but I have seen good gains on my traps, kneck and shoulders. I have started to do "cheat" military presses to get the weight up as I hit a plateau on straight military presses at 47.5kg for 5 x 5s on the stronglift programme. I am already upto 60kg on my first cycle of HST on the 3 x 5's. I shoudl hit 70kg by the end of my cycle some pretty signifcant gains for me :)

  5. original77

    original77 New Member

    Kev thats some pretty impressive progress!

    When you say you "cheat", is it similiar to a push press where you bend at the knees and pop the weight up then lower slowly?
  6. Kevan67

    Kevan67 New Member

    Yes, thats it push press. Didn't know thats what they were called.

    Actually did it by accident, I had 57.5kg on the bar that I had put back in the rack after doing some SLDL's, then when I started my shrugs and supersets I used the 57.5kg for the press and thought I was just having a bad day until I came to chaneg the weight later. Somaybe the plateau was in my head.


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