Speed and polymetrics!

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  1. M@x

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    I want to increase my vertical jump (for baskettball) and my sprint speed!

    So no leg training, but sprints and polymetrics

    upper body is trained through Hst!

    Do you have any ideas how my jump and sprint training could look like!

    should I focus on jumping in the first Cycle and focus on sprinting in the second cycle?

    Which Polymetrics should I do?

    please help me
  2. Aaron_F

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    why no leg training.

    Strength should be addressed before including the more stressful actions like polymetrics.

    strength will also help sprinting speed, but technique comes into play as well.
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  4. Aaron_F

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    Remember joes goal with that text is to improve vertical jump for measurement purposes (football etc), playing a game is a different style (as some of those things you just cannot do when playing...

    static stretch - in the middle of a game?

    rapid decent into the jump - generally not done in the game
    50rep rythmixc squat - once per week for three weeks prior to the test.... (ie single test, not game)

    Track waffles - great for bballing, yaay fractures :D bball shoes are designed to provide rebound as well as impact support... same with the courts
  5. coach hale

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    speed and vetical jump can be thought of of as power movements. They are also both related to relative strength.

    It is important to enhance reactive strength in regards to jump and speed production. I would recommend some olifts and their derivatives (assuming you have a good base level of strength, flexibility and good technique) Keep in mind technique does not have to be the level of a comp olifter but it should be decent and not injurious.

    Introdcue plyos in a progressive fashion.

    Another point to think about absolute speed is heavily determinded by veritcal ground force (have to be powerful to be fast)

    coach hale

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