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Discussion in 'Commercial Equipment' started by scientific muscle, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. scientific muscle

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    I am a home gym typr of person. Right now i have a huge collection of hexagonal dumbells and a commercial grade heavy duty, adjustable incline/decline bench. My upper body is getting some nice muscle, but my lower body is suffering for obvious reasons (dumbell squats and lunges aren't cutting it! [​IMG] ).
    I need to add a really good squat rack to my collection of course with an olympic barbell and plates to go with it.
    Any particular squat racks you guys recommend, or would particularly avoid. I am considering a 'power rack' with a lower safety bar area, in case I am squatting alone and need to let the weight down on the lower bars.
  2. quadancer

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    I built one once out of 4x4's and 4x6's with a few bolted metal brackets to give it more support. Costed me about $35.00.
    Just a comment. I'm a carpenter, mostly, so it was second nature.

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