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    Here's the thing:

    As my squat poundages are progressing well on 3 x week frequency I just wondered how this might continue? I'm 5"10 at around 200lbs and will finish my post 5s on 295lbs for a few sets of 5 reps and (hopefully) a few reps on 305lbs. I am going as deep as I can go while still keeping my back straight.

    I finished my first cycle on 245lbs so I'll have added 50lbs this cycle. I was hoping to reach 315lbs (3 x 45lb plates a side) by the end of the year but it looks as if I will get there much sooner. I think what has really helped me is alternating squats with deadlifts during the post 5s. Deads have boosted my lower back strength which has helped me to stay more upright when I squat. Also, lifting a heavier weight in the deadlift seems to have a very positive psychological effect when squatting.

    I would like to hear from anyone who has been training using HST for a while and has managed to push their squats up way over this. What poundages for 5 reps or so have you managed and how long has it taken to get there? I realise that I am not training for strength with HST but I am interested to know what others have achieved and what to aim for. I guess that safety will become more of an issue as the poundages go up? Any words of wisdom will be gratefully received.
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    Good topic, squats are my weakest lift, I've never been that good at squatting. When I found my 5rm for my first HST cycle (the one I'm still on), it was 245lbs, and I'm in week 8 and I did 260 my last workout, going for 270 next workout, and probably will be able to get 280 next workout (the last, I can't keep going for a few reasons). Hopefully it boosts up even more next cycle. The alternating squats and deadlift in the later 5s or post 5s seems like a good idea, because my lower back is getting a good pounding this cycle.
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    I was doing 5x 270 this past cycle, but I am taking (JW Bond's?) advice and treating legs (squats, presses, curls, extensions, and deadlifts) with higher rep phases (20-15-10) in my next cycle.
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    I started with about 415x5 and hit 500x5 in about a year. However, they were parallel, not olympic squats. I started doing olympic squats last cycle and I'm at 320x5 and 360x1.

    I tried something different this last cycle with my deadlifts. Instead of stopping at 15, I'd continue until 1-2 reps short of failure, usually for only one set. I did this for the entire cycle, eventually doing triples.

    My deadlift went from 435x5 to 465x5 in one cycle (8-9 weeks) and I hit 500x1 before taking a SD.
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    I found my best yet to be 130 Kg = +/- 290 Lbs.

    I also did not do ass to the grass as i simply couldn't, however i go as low as i can. It felt as tough my spine was being compressed!

    BTW - I only weight 156 Lbs. which is 70 Kg, so i think I could not go much higher, if I can reach 140 - 150 Kg by this year I am happy. I am no power lifter anyway!

    Liege - 500 wow that's huge!
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I just finished my 2nd cycle this eve. Did squats @ 300lbs and left it at that. I was happy as it's a new PB for full squats. It felt heavy enough but I still felt in control. Next cycle I will aim for 315 in the post 5s and will hopefully surpass it. Did some deads for the joy of it too and managed 355lbs. After that everything was easy! [​IMG]

    Hey Fausto, that's nearly 2 x bodyweight! Fantastic mate! How many cycles has it taken you to get to that level and what was your starting pondage for your first cycle (ie. your first 5RM)?

    Liege: Those poundages are heeooge! are you a 'natural' lifter and if so have you always been strong?

    Abarlement: alternating deads with squats has really helped my squat poundages. As I can dead a fair bit more than I can squat it just makes the squating seem that much lighter. I remember a few months ago just picking up a 250lb bar seemed scary! Now it seems almost light!

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