Stength training and muscle fibers?

Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by VIPER, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. BoSox

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    there's plenty of time to achieve your goals without steroids. I don't see why body-building is THAT important to anyone.

    And I have nothing but contempt for those who need steroids to compete athletically.
  2. Baoh

    Baoh New Member

    MY goals involve far more than mere time. Time and effort, alone, are simply not enough. I already explained what group, of the three I described, I fall into.

    You could state your opinion of importance with regard to ANY sport, hobby, occupation, or interest. The saying goes: "To each his own."

    Mind you, I am not quite a Bodybuilder, anyway. More of an all-rounder, if you know what that means.

    Your contempt is your choice.

    Do your negativity and baseless judgements serve any purpose, or is it merely an issue of speaking ill of that which you do not know?

  3. Just do it naturally? Where is the ethical line btwn totally blind training, the smart diet, the creatine or protein supplement, the prohormone, and the steroid? Are any of them truly different, or just degrees of the same thing? Using a steroid isnt any more "cheating" than using creatine or whey protein, the effects are just greater. As for athletes, I would hold contempt for an athlete that uses drugs when he is supposed to be natural and his competition is natural. However, if the competition is open to drug use, then all is fair.

    By the way, I train naturally. (For now. If I do make the jump, I'll consult Baoh for informed opinion.)

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