Strategic Deconditioning Vindicated?

The problem I see here is that 12 days in rats, would be the equivalent of months of SD for a human, so if anything, this goes agains the way of using SD proposed in HST.
There is so much research about everything and anything these days that I only pay attention to what works for me. One thing people may not understand about research is that they themselves are not part of the research, rendering any sort or results completely useless.


Research suggests that such and such routine is better for such and such type of gains where as in such and such routine shows greater improvement when such and such routine is followed by such and such with such and such diet. Those up to 60% of participants noticed slight gains doing such and such, 10% showed significant improvements where as another 5% did not produce any results and 5% showed a decline in results. With these participants 50% ate a solid clean diet, 25% ate a mixture of clean and unclean and 25% ate pure garbage.

Then they'd break it down even further into more suggestive results.

P.S SD for me is 4-5 days max.