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  1. Larsan

    Larsan New Member

    i just read the powerlifting-thread by Aaron_F and got interesting in starting a 5x5 program.

    this is how i thought it would look like (just a few changes from the routine he presented):

    Deadlifts-5x5 (Do four progressively heavier sets of 5 with the 5th set being your 5RM. ie 300=PR level, do 135x5, 205x5, 245x5, 275x5 and 300x5)
    Bench Press-5x5 (Do the same)
    Incline DB Press-2x12-20
    Weighted sit-ups 4x15

    Lunges-4x8 each leg
    Sldl- 3x8-12 (not too heavy)
    Shoulder Press-5x5 (should I do this progessively as I did with bench and DL on monday, ending up on my 5rm?)
    calves (what set*rep would you suggest?)

    Speed-deadlift (50-60 of 1RM, 5-6 sets with 4-5 reps)
    Bench press - warmup to a 3 reps with 2.5% more lbs than you used on the fifth set on Monday. On the following monday use this weight for your 5th set.
    Bent Over Row-5x5 (should I do this progessively as I did with bench and DL on monday, ending up on my 5rm?)
    situps 4x15-20

    as ive looked around in this forum ive seen people talking about moving progressivly towards your 5 rm before hitting them for a few weeks... is this something you have to do or is it just some hst-5x5 combo ?
    im primarly interested in strenght-gains but wouldnt mind some size if it would come along (guess it will if i want or not)
    im not a big fan on squatting, thats why i put in DL twice a week, but i thougt i would just go heavy on them once (and do speed the other time) to spare my lower back.. what do you think about this?
    do you think i will do fine with some sldl on wednesday without overdoing it for my lower back?

    grateful for any comments, thx
  2. liegelord

    liegelord New Member

    Get to love squats, at least what they do for your body, it's the key exercise in the 5x5 or any real strength program. Make sure you do olympic squats. If you're interested in strength, then drop the lunges.
  3. Larsan

    Larsan New Member

    i thought id do some lunges since its the light day and to get some variation.. other then that any comments or suggestions? generally on which day would you suggest id put in some assistance work like core, or maby bis tris? thx

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