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Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by Catalonia, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. Catalonia

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    Is it possible to use the HST method to build strength? I.e. by keeping the same low number of sets and reps but brining in more neurotransmitters (if that's what happens) by simply doing the exercises as fast as you can (explosively)?

    Basically, I'm pretty skinny.. but I don't really care. I started lifting weights maybe 5 months ago, but really didn't get any strength gains until I was injured with a high ankle sprain and could no longer do massive amounts of cardio. Trouble is, I like playing basketball. When I got back on the court, I was 10 pounds heavier and a bit stronger. What I really want to be able to do is have the strength to be fast and jump high. I suppose I should probably minimize basketball playing, run some sprints, and use low reps. I just don't know if I should bother with the whole 15-10-5 rep cycle over the 8 week period. I probably ought to stick with 5-10 reps at high weights. Any thoughts. I looked over the westside stuff, and it seems a bit out of my league, though I could be wrong. Strength and power are really what i'm looking for. I am 152 lbs and 6ft tall. (used to be 135 last August)
  2. Mindwraith

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    You wanna be faster and jump higher then HST isn't the answer, and you certainly shouldn't cut down on the basket ball...after all, the more you do something the better you get at it.

    I've seen a lot of techniques on jumping higher, put a free barbell on your back, load it up just a little if at all and squat down and jump up as high as you can. The more you can load the bar and jump the same hight the stronger you get and higher you can jump.

    Hell if I know that actually works, I've never tried it but I read it in more than one place so who knows.
  3. Catalonia

    Catalonia New Member

    The thing is, that I'm noticing some gains (it may just be because I'm new to the weight room <6 months) using the 3 day a week strategy of 1-2 sets. Granted, I'm using heavy weights, skipping the 15s, and staying between 5-10. I kind of just like doing leg press or squats on the same days as I do bench.

    Another thing about hops is balance. Many programs have you balancing on balls or funny shoes which supposedly connects your brain to your body. I'm still afraid to start doing jump squats with a bar. I wonder if they work with barbells.
  4. Mindwraith

    Mindwraith New Member

    Dumbells you mean? They might come flying out of your hands! But who knows.
  5. sounds like it might be worth looking into plyometrics.
  6. Catalonia

    Catalonia New Member

    I was doing plyos...but never saw much results. Maybe I wasn't doing them long enough. From what i've been reading lately...maybe I should be getting up on a balance board. Supposedly, jumping is more of a brain/body connection than anything else.

    It sort of makes sense from a physics standpoint. I can leg press 600 lbs..but I only weigh 155 lbs. I mean, if it were simply a matter of strenth, then I should be flying at almost 4 times my body weight. But I see guys with legs skinnier than mine, and bodies about the same, who get a foot higher in the air.

    Plus, my mother is a neurologist who works with children who are learning disabled. She says the ones who have the most problems can barely jump and 'feel heavy'.

    This is all anecdotal and unscientific. But even in the jumping programs--they have you balancing on shoes, balls, and boards.
  7. mikeh

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    Hi Catalonia,
    I found thisImprove your vertical jump

    IF you don't mind, may I ask how old are you ?
    (If early teen you might be a PF or late teen SG )

    Are you looking for an off season routine ?
    Do you play spring and summer ball?

    IF you use HST, lift with a tempo of 3-1-0 you may find the answers to both your questions. (power and speed) and the other 3 -4 days work on your basketball skills.
  8. Catalonia

    Catalonia New Member

    i'm 26, and i'm too old for the NBA, but not the YMCA. Thanks for the link, i'll hit it. I play ball on and off year round. I've got a spot shot, and i'm a quick sprinter. But I need to work on everything else.
  9. kemikal

    kemikal New Member

    You might be at your genetic potential for jump height. Leg size has nothing to do with it, have you ever seen the size of Keon Clark's calves? Skinniest I've ever seen, and they propel his 6'6 200+ lb body 40 inches. Imo it depends on the length of your achilles tendon ;)

    Anyways, doing jumps with a barbell on your back probably isn't a good idea, i think once you put on some good weight you would cause a lot of stress on your spine on landing.
  10. OneMoreRep

    OneMoreRep New Member

    HST , definitely helps with strength IMO.

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