Strength Ratios

Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by BIGBANGSingh, May 4, 2004.

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    older ones anyway

    1) 187.5kg raw 1rm
    2) 110kg 5rm
    3) 215kg 1rm (have done 240 raw before)
    4) did 2 and a 1/2 and couldnt get up..
    5 & 6) :confused:??
  3. Paul Brewer-Jensen

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    A ratio is a relationship in quantity, amount, or size of two or more things. Are you looking at the relationship between the 1RM's of the different tests of strength that you mention?

    I am used to seeing strength in relation to a lifter's bodymass. The classical formula in which the total lifted is divided by the lifter's bodymass to the 2/3 power is a good example. Is that what you mean by strength ratio?


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