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  1. cnegotiator

    cnegotiator New Member

    Im in my first cycle, and starting my ten reps today. I have 4 weeks left of lifting, 2 for ten reps, and 2 for 5 reps. However, i have spring break(yes i'm a college student) coming in 3 weeks and i wont be able to lift at home. What is the best thing i should do? Get rid of my second ten week? Do a 10 rep, 8 rep, 5 rep weeks instead? Just do a 10 and then the 5 rep weeks?

  2. lcars

    lcars New Member

    Just do a 10 and then into the 5s,sounds fine to me.
  3. shwaym

    shwaym New Member

    same with me
    i have just enough time to get 2wks of post-5s but i wanted to extend them longer obviously
    i will probably just speed up my next cycle following the break like 1wk 15s, 1 wk 10s, 2wks 5s and then ride out the post-5s until gains cease.
  4. colby2152

    colby2152 New Member

    1 week of 10's, 2 weeks of 5's... then drink.. I mean, SD .. or SP

    My spring break is over a week away - can't f-in wait.

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