TangoDown's Vanilla HST Run

Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by TangoDown, Mar 31, 2014.

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    All done on less than 5 hours of cold-medicine (antihistamine) induced sleep.

    176-177lb @ 5'8"


    warmup, then 210lb x 4.......

    I ALMOST grinded out the 5th rep. Unfortunately it wouldn't be. I think it's form breakdown. First 3 reps are lightning fast.

    So I may try a 1RM on Thurs or Fri to test that theory. I just need to find someone who will give me a lift-off without pulling me out of position.

    Sumo Deadlift:

    warmup, then 360lb x 1, 380lb x 1, 400lb x 1, 420lb x 1, 440lb x 1 (PR + 10lb), 450lb x 1 (PR + 20lb), 460lb x 0 (wouldn't budge) without severe loss of lumbar tightness, so didn't try.

    Think the lumbar flexed more than I would have liked on the 450lb pull. 440lb wasn't a clean lock out cus fell forward, but I locked out 450lb.

    Row Machine:
    warmup, then 190lb x 5

    Will test squat 5RM next session.
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    Still have some upper back erector soreness. Don't know if it's from the DL 1RM or testing 5RM of row machine.

    May be going into the gym today after classes to test more maxes. We'll see.
  3. TangoDown

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    5'8", 176-177lb


    warmup, then 225lb x 1 (PR), 250lb (oops, meant to bench 240lb...) x 0, 235lb x 1 (PR), 240lb x 1 [PR?] (guy put hands/fingers on bar, could have possibly got it cleanly if I had benched 240lb right after 225lb).

    ATG Squat:

    warmup, then 265lb x 6. Probably had 7 but the belt was digging into my stomach after val salvas, and honestly, I was about to puke lol.

    Also attempted pullups again and no shoulder pain! Did 2x10 BW. Happy to throw these back in.

    Anyway, it's cut time, and time for a new log since I haven't done HST in a while lol.
  4. Congrats on the 450 deadlift, TD!!
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    Thanks man. Welcome back.

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