Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Seriously, at this point I'm tempted to do a self-test and administer transdermal 4-ad to see if I feel any better.
I considered that also, but chose not to. No real reason, just would prefer to try other remedies first. If you do please keep us informed.

Started Tribestan 750mg per day. Well see if it makes a difference.
I've been tempted by what I've been reading about a Malaysian herb called longjack (aka tongkat-ali):

A search on Eurycoma longifolia in PubMed generates lots of hits (mostly by one author) that indicate longjack has some pro-sexual effects in rats and mice, but I have yet to find published support for increases in testosterone in humans. Otherwise, I would already have ordered the stuff.

Anybody here have any experience with it by any chance?
Of course I got excited when it came out being it was reported to raise endogenous test and is an herb, not a pro-hormone. It did nothing, not even an increase in sex drive.
Thanks for the feedback, BIZ.

Fenugreek is another herb I've been reading about lately as well. One person on another forum reported using it for PCT and claimed it was the best of the herbal testosterone boosters. He said he found it to be much better than Tribulus.

One side-effect I've seen reported with fenugreek -- your sweat smells like maple syrup.
Thanks dkm.

I'm not familiar with most of those plants, but Zingiber officianale is good old ginger root. It looks as though some of those plants warrant further investigation.
I see this is a pretty old thread but thought I would post here anyhow.  I was actually going to get back into lifting a few months ago after a very long layoff.  But I ended up needing to have surgery on my wrist back on August 5th and I’m still not 100%.  When they did the blood work for my surgery I just had them do a full workup including T levels because I always had a hard time gaining lean muscle mass when I was lifting.  My Bioavailable T level was at (I believe) 285 ng/dL and I’m only 36 so that seems excessively low.  Anyhow, my Dr. put me on a T cream compound (60mg/day) to try and bring my levels up into the mid-upper normal range.

I just wondered if anyone else is on a TRT program and knows of anything I need to watch for or has anything to say regarding their TRT...good or bad.  From the sounds of it there are probably a lot of people out there with some form of hypogonadism who don't know it.  I’m supposed to go for follow up blood work in 2 months to recheck all my blood counts so I will know more about how the TRT is working for me then and I will post whatever info I can.  But after only using the cream for 3 days I already feel better.
My I ask a question?
I was just at the Androgel web site and read this …………..
“If your doctor diagnoses you with hypogonadism, this means you have low testosterone (Low T). Medical conditions that can cause Low T may begin in youth or adulthood and can affect testosterone levels throughout a man's lifetime. Some of these conditions are associated with the testes or the pituitary gland. Occasionally, the problem can be genetic”.
“There is no cure for Low T at this time. However, AndroGel has been approved by the FDA as a daily treatment for hypogonadism (Low T).”
Are you guys going to take this crap for the rest of your life ?
I still have about 10 bottles of Andros that worked well for me in the past. Is this similar ?
I must not have a problem ,because with a wife and two girl friends, I keep them all supplied .

PS: O&G your an old goat anyway ..Bahhh !
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Quote[/b] (Sonny @ Sep. 12 2005,2:06)]
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Quote[/b] ]Are you guys going to take this crap for the rest of your life ?
In the androgel prescribing article I posted there it also mentions how fast levels drop off so if you want the levels to stay up then yes.
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Quote[/b] ]I must not have a problem ,because with a wife and two girl friends, I keep them all supplied .
Here we go with the lipstick on the palms thing again ;)
We know Sonny you are the "Lean Mean Fighting Machine" afterall.

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Yeah yeah yeah, "eat like a Viking, save a chicken eat a cow", we know Sonny we know

Sorry I've missed our lil "debates".
At this point all I can say is that if there is a noticable difference in how I feel then I will probably continue to take it for as long as I can afford to do so.  It's covered by most insurance carriers, so why not?  It doesn't cost me any more than most supplements would for a month and I'm sure it will do more for my health than any supplement would.  And if your natural T levels are extremely low, supplements won't do much for you anyhow.

If you haven't ready all the possible problems that can be caused by low T then you should check the list out.  Here is a good FAQ on TRT.


It's really no different than older women with low E going on a HRT program.  They just finally realized that they can do the same thing for men.  If it will make me healthier and happier then I'm all for it.
Pretty cool there's a TRT thread here. I've been on TRT for about 3 months now and I've never felt better. I started out with androgel but DHT went too high and I really wasn't fond of the excessive hair growth on my arms. So, I switched to Test Cyp last week. I also run daily HCG and 2 DIM tabs/day. When I was diagnosed with hypogonadism, I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was put on Armour Thyroid. So with all of the changes I finally feel human :)
Thought I'd add that I'm 25 and when tested my Total T was 302(242-827). Also, I'm probably going to change my HCG dosage from 70iu daily to 160iu on M/W/F. Test shot is on Wednesday @ 100mg
Thanks for sharing your TRT experience with us.  The more we all know about others experiences the better off we will be.

Is HCG delivered via an IM shot also?  One of my concerns going on TRT has been that I may end up with overly elevated DHT or E2.  From what I have read using Test Cyp would help limit this at least as far as the DHT is concerned.  But I'm not real fond of needles so I don't know if I could ever go that route, especially if I had to jab myself 3-4 times per week.

What are DIM tabs, and what are they for?
HCG is usually delivered sub-cutaneously, though you can take it intra-muscular as well. Sub-c delivery is a lot easier though.
Yeah, I take my HCG sub-q.  Shots are a breeze!
  DIM Indoplex is a supplement by Phytopharmacia that helps reduce E2.  Made from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli.  Upgrades the P450 to rid the body of excess E2.  Also converts bad estrogens to good estrogens.  Don't know if it really works for me though.  One tab really didn't do a whole lot(according to my blood test) so I upped it to two.  Needles aren't that bad :D
So....if you are on TRT would you test positive for steroids? How do the tests work when testing for testosterone usage?
I don't believe you would? Not sure though. I always thought one of the tests would be total testosterone and how high it is. If you are on a gram/week of T, then your total T level will be sky high. With other steroids though, they test for metabolites.
That's kind of what I though too. But I wasn't sure.

I was also curious...if for some reason I have to go off TRT in the future, what precautions need to be taken? My biggest fear is that for some reason I would lose my insurance and not be able to afford it anymore and have to go off of it. Is it absolutely necessary to use HCG to restart your natural T production or will your body start back up again on its own?