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    First post and a little introduction.

    My name is Tony and I am from Nottingham, England. I am 41 years old, 5ft 11in and weigh 198lbs.

    Only been training for a couple of years, following the Stronglifts 5X5 routine. I have been loosing fat on a calorie deficit so my strength has not increased massively, but fat has dropped.

    My current lifts are:- (5x5)

    Squat 231lbs (105kg)
    Bench 154lbs (70kg)
    OHP 99lbs (45kg)
    DL 308lbs (140kg) 1x5
    Pendlay Row 99lbs (45kg)

    Either push ups, chin ups or pull ups are added to the each of every session (as per the "old Stronglifts")

    Also do a kettlebell session once a week, this works on strength, endurance and conditioning.

    My aim is to complete Stronglifts (progress to 1x5 on all exercises) and then switch to HST.

    The first question is can i follow the Stronglifts order of exercises following the HST protocol?

    Push ups

    Chin or pull up

    Doing a 3 day ABA BAB

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