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    And... it will likely work for a long time. The only reason I switched from HST at all early on was because I wanted to focus more on strength. But when I wanted size, I always came back to HST principles. These days, I'm doing almost vanilla HST.

    You'd be surprised how many people decide to change things when it is working. It is very prevalent in weightlifting. I think people get weightlifting ADHD, or as I've heard it called "****arounditis" - they can't stick with something long enough. You see it with people who can't decide whether to bulk or cut too, and those people never make as much progress as they could.
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    A lot of people think more is better.

    My thing is... just do enough to get the results.
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    Having bumped it from 17-22 ish to 22-25ish over the last fortnight or so, I've hit a massive wall of 'fatigue' and am almost definitely dropping it back to ~20. I work out every other day, having 2 days off (consecutively) here and there. Working out at home removes the need for MWF, MWF and lets me go MWFSuTuThSa->MWF etc...

    I also am not training for hypertrophy gains right now and am wanting to push my CNS capacity. I suppose it could be categorised as 'heavy load endurance'. If I was looking to get bigger right now, I'd set my rep target at 15-16 and would train in the 3-5RM range. The principles are still the same (progressive load, frequency, eating enough, light-moderate volume per workout).

    Blade spent considerable time with HST, and wasn't rigid in doing so. The knowledge learned is what's important. HLM is not especially supported/evidenced. Furthermore, it makes very little sense to me (logically) and perhaps of most relevance toyou, it didn't work for you.

    This this this.

    For non-workout periods, my biggest focus is to eat. Just get the food in there, protein, fats, some carbs, whatever. Eating is the 'recovery'.

    This this this ... again.
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    You mean you're doing 1-2 MG sets no matter at what reps, and load a muscle 3 times a week? Could you write down or point us to your recent bulking weekly routine?
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    Yes, everyone has a huge boner for volume these days, but I'm doing lower volume than what most now recommend and still seeing some results. Keep in mind that I'm pretty much right near my genetic threshold for muscle mass, so any gains are good for me. I successfully did cut down and lost little muscle while doing this kind of volume. If you check my log, you can see what my routine looked like. Look in the training logs section, it's called "Back to Basics."
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    As mentioned there are studies which support DUP/HLM and were done by fleck &kramer. If you are interested I can search the sources out of the books.

    HLM DID worked-I gained strength of 2 pounds the week and mass came along.But I messed up the transition period.
    I think if I would also backed down the weights more it would have worked longer but I was too proud to train with 40%of my 1rpm. My fault.
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    Yesterday was the second session of the 15´s. I slept short and ate less yesterday because I had a important meeting for a job.
    NEvertheless I went to the gym but had to rest quite long between the 2 sets because my breath was really weak.
    I got all reps and sets in. The only exercise were I couldn´t get the second set were curls. I got 15 on the first set and 8 on the second although i rested 3 min.
    So i thought to simply drop the second set and stick to one.
    If this one will also be too much and I struggle to get my old 15PR I will drop curls all together and will re introduce them on the 10´s.

    Time to eat.
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    You should start a log in the 'Training Log' section of the site.
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