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Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by NZlifter, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. NZlifter

    NZlifter New Member

    Hi, i live in New Zealand and am looking to purchase a trap bar but im having alot of trouble finding one. Do any of you people no where i could get a good quality one over the net for around 270 american (including shipping) that would ship all the way over here? Is there anyone from NZ that knows where i can buy one locally?


  2. lestat02852

    lestat02852 New Member

  3. Mike in NZ

    Mike in NZ New Member

    Where do you live in NZ.

    I live in Sth Auckland & train in Manukau @ Fitness Plus. It's a good gym and has plenty of heavy weights and isn't too crowded. They have a trap bar there but I think it may be a homemade one, although it does the trick. They actually have it raised off the ground on a platform so it is easy to load & unload. one thing I have found that living in NZ you get killed with freight charges.


  4. QUID

    QUID New Member

    Hi mate you need to go to , they are based in Auckland New Zealand and sell all kinds of bars
    Mark form Auckland, NZ
  5. NZlifter

    NZlifter New Member

    Mike, I live in auckland, train at unitec gym. Yea, tried to get one from america but it is about 200 american to get it here. More than the bar costs itself! maybe i will ring the gym up and see where they got it from.

    Mark, thanks for the advice, but been there and the trap bars are $680, im a student at the moment and cant afford that. Have also been trying to get some engineering companies to do it, but am having trouble. Any ideas Mark, Mike? or anyone?

    Are olympic bars solid steel or are they hollow tubing?



    Auckland, NZ
  6. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Olympic bars are solid steel

    Any engineering place should beable to make one to a simple plan...depends on how busy they are in the end
  7. Old and Grey

    Old and Grey Super Moderator Staff Member

    I can't help you guys in NZ out with finding a bar but anyone with a metal cutting miter saw and a welder can make one.

    I keep my trap bar on a pair of saw horses which makes loading easy and it it is the right height for shrugs. When doing deads, I simply pick it up and walk it about 2 feet out from under the saw horses.

    Good luck in your search.
  8. lestat02852

    lestat02852 New Member

    I just checked out that What does $680.00 NZ translate to in U.S. dollars? Because $680 U.S. would be outrageous. I can't believe a company could try to sell that with a straight face. That's an atrocity.

    If I lived in NZ I would also call several metal workers in the area to custom make a trap bar.

    If not, you could actually make a trap bar using piping from a hardware store. I don't now what kind of hardware stores you have available in NZ. But here Home Depot or Lowes has all the metal piping materials you would need to build a bar. Like an erector set, you would just use a series of 2" diameter pipes (for olympic plates), 1" diameter pipes (for handles,etc.), tees, reducing couplers, elbows, etc. The bar would be square rather than hex or diamond shaped, similar to the one pictured halfway down the following link:

    Here in the U.S. the materials would cost less than $100.
  9. the_dark_master

    the_dark_master New Member

    lestat02852 - yeah then you can hook it upto the warm water feed (using flexy pipes) so you can train when it's cold!

    NO, don't waste time/money/effort - it wouldn't be "up to it", you need real steel: 25x25SHS min for the frame, 24 Dia bar for the weight prongs

    Personally I'd go for >30 Dia bar for the hand grips - 25 Dia cuts in to the hands too much (on mine I've got 46 Dia grips) plus it also improves your grip.

    Unless you can get your tape on an actual bar, dreaming up the dims is a bit of a nightmare. Make a mock-up outta cardboard or wood, use a "rotated square" with handgrips/prongs at the corners; this simplyfies the design and at the same time strengthens it! Take this along to a fabricator (around lunch time is best) and you'll have it made in no time at all...

    2 important things to remember: make the prongs long enough for some serious weight and make the "hole" big enough!!!
  10. QUID

    QUID New Member

    Hi, $669.95 NZ works out to appox $450 USD including tax. I brought one from those guys and it worth every sent! Its not rubbish bar! Solid as!
  11. Dood

    Dood New Member

    $450 USD for a trap bar? I'm sure it's good quality, but that is still a rippoff. Seriously, as I mentioned in another thread, you can have one made for about $30 in materials, (maybe more in NZ), plus whatever labor they charge, maybe 2 hours worth. Go to a local gym or sports store and take some measurements.

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