Versa Gripps - Uk Alternative


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Have been looking at getting some Versa Gripps but as far as I can determine here in the UK we can only import from the US with a nearly £30.00 carriage charge - anyone in the UK using alternatives, are they any good?
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Buy them, send to someone you know in the states, have them forward it on to you. Should be cheaper.
I think I have a 7 inch wrist, so its either small or regular, need to measure wrist when I get home from work.
I see. I have some XLs I might be willing to part with, but they might be too big in that case.
Finally got my Versa Gripps but the f****ing UK VAT / Customs charged me another £18.00 in tax and customs clearance duties so £76.00 in total, bastards!! hope they were worth it!!!!!