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Discussion in 'General Training' started by steini, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. steini

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    Hey guys,

    What about a high caloric 6 week cycle of daily high load clustering followed by a 1-2 week cruise?
    The goal would be to increase the load every week by 2lbs or so on the small exercises like BB curls, and a few pounds more for the heavy compounds like squats, bench & deadlifts. The high caloric intake would make this possible. I'm speaking of 4500kcal+ incl. Burgerking, Wendys & mcdonalds :). (Got a really fast metabolism)

    For example Deadlifts: Lets start with my 8-10 rep maximum, doing 5 reps clusters. 30 reps or so.

    Week1: 300lbs, light weight, always doing 5 reps till I have my 30 reps.
    Week2: 305lbs, feel a bit stronger .. 5 reps, no problem. Eating a lot.
    Week3: 315 strength got up, feelling good, doing 5 Reps, not easy but I can handle do it.
    Week4: 317lbs, 315 wasn't too easy .. so I don't put on too much this week.
    Week5: 320lbs, feels heavy, but okay. Doing 5 Reps.
    Week6: 330, wanna know it bro, going balls 2 the wall mode. 3 Reps.

    Then it's time for a cruise. Overtraining shouldn't be an issue because of the systematic clustering and the high caloric intake.

    I'm a 'beginner', lifting for about 15 month's, so the weight increases shouldn't be a big problem with lots of food.

    What do you think, guys?

    Thanks in advance, Simon
  2. steini

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    Good evening!

    First workout today, I did following exercises:

    Incline DB Press 20 reps (5Reps cluster) then LS flys 60 sec
    Cable Rows 20 reps

    BB Military Press 10 reps (shoulder issue) then LS DC style
    Rack Chins 20 reps then LS hanging on a rack wide grip 60 sec
    breathing Pullovers 20 Reps for ribcage.

    Incline DB Curls 15 reps (5 clusters), then 15 reps set for metabolic work, loaded stretching DC style!
    French Press 15 reps (5 clusters), then 15Rpes for metabolic work, laoded stretching DC style!

    Squats 30 reps, then quad stretches.

    I'd say it rocks, first workout was really cool, I hope I can increase the weight next week :).

  3. steini

    steini New Member

    Hey guys,

    Weights are going up really fast, the "hard part" is the eating .. I have hard time to eat all the food I should. Maybe I should add some cardio for the appetite.

    I tougth I'd up the weights weekly, but sometimes on some exercises it feels just so easy... so I put some lbs on.

    I hope I can continue for about 4-6weeks with this, then I'll add negatives.

    Oh and, metabolic work with stretches for arms rock [​IMG]

    Greetings, Simon

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