What kind of fatburners are you using?

Discussion in 'Anything and Everything about dietary supplements' started by Guest, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    what kind of fatburners are you using? and what kind of ephedrine do you prefere - hci or the plant version?
  2. Jon Stark

    Jon Stark New Member

    I'm weaning myself off of ephedrine... it's toast.

    Good think alcohol is still legal, so I can drown my sorrow over nanny-state idiocy.
  3. jdreich

    jdreich New Member


    A humble suggestion: there's an option missing: "None".


  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    you could aks that...but I think nobody is interested in how many people that arent using any of it...its more a "what" question...
    I know there are countries ephedrine is illegal (actual a lot of them) but there are also countries clenbuterol is legal without a receipt...so Iam thinking about US law in the most states (I didnt know there are different laws of that kind in different states of the US) I am just interested in the maintenance because most of the people I know have really different strategies...
  5. Twin Peak

    Twin Peak New Member

    Topicals, obviously.

    Beyond that:


    and I probably missed a few goodies.
  6. Baoh

    Baoh New Member

    I'll use Sodium Usniate in about a month.

    Ephedrine at that time, too, but only to combat lethargy.
  7. Coyote

    Coyote New Member

    whats strange about the question is ECA IS a thermogenic combination its not a and /or
  8. Ibanez

    Ibanez New Member

    Anyone here try Lipoderm-y or ultra?
  9. spartacus

    spartacus New Member

    i should be getting some green tea extract tomorow. :|

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