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  1. whistledixie

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    3s: Workout #5 (AM)

    Warm-up: coffee, walk/jog with doggy, coffee again (it's still really freaking cold out!)

    Bench Press - warm up sets: 1*10 @ 75 lbs, 1*5 @ 100 lbs, 1*4 @ 125 lbs, 1*3 @ 140 lbs, 1*1 @ 145 lbs; work sets: 4*3 @ 150 lbs!!!
    Pullup - 4*3 @ BW+35 lbs
    DB Bent Over Row - 4*3 @ 145 lbs (total)

    So psyched about the bench this morning! Last week, I bench pressed 145 lbs for the first time ever (previously lifted 140 for 1 rep back in September). Today I bench pressed 150 lbs and even though it was hella intense, I think I get 155 on Friday.

    Pullups were hard. I should've done a warm up set, I think, but I was short on time. I felt a little something in my left wrist on the 2nd set, but it went away and I was able to complete 2 more sets with no pain. I was having to kick a little on the final reps.

    Rows were super heavy feeling, they got my heartrate up. I'm glad I took TRs advice and put them after the pullups.

    Tonight, I try for a new PB on back squat. I'm so freaking psyched!
  2. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    Great progress!

    Multiple PBs in a row on the Bench and now shooting for one on the Squat. As psyched as you sound you are going to get it.
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  3. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    That's the cold weather talking! Go for it.
  4. whistledixie

    whistledixie New Member

    3s: Workout #5 (PM)

    Standing Shoulder Press - warm up sets: 1*5 @ 65 lbs, 1*4 @ 85 lbs; work sets: 4*3 @ 100 lbs
    Back Squat - warm up sets: 1*10 air squats, 1*5 @ 100 lbs, 1*4 @ 125 lbs, 1*3 @ 150 lbs; work sets: 2*3 @ 160 lbs, 2*3 @ 170 lbs!
    Dip - warm up: 1*5 @ BW; work sets: 4*3 @ BW+35 lbs

    Whoa! I set up the increments in this 3 rep series hoping I might hit 160 lbs tonight. I did it and felt so good about it, I added 10 lbs and not only hit a new 3 RM PB, but I beat my previous 1 RM load of 165 lbs from back in September!

    On Sunday or Tuesday I'll be testing my new 1 RM.

    Dips felt like nothing after having all that weight on my back. And 35 lbs weighted dips sounded like they were gonna suck. I've never tested my 1 RM weighted dip. I actually never weighted dips much before HST. I really dig 'em!

    Shoulder press was cool too. I had a little trouble with my right foot wanting to come off the ground towards the end, but I'm sure the 1st 2 sets were proper form.
  5. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    PB in Squats. Heavy weighted dips. Life is good. Even in the chilly Deep South...!
  6. _tim

    _tim Well-Known Member

    Nice work, whitstledixie! New records are always very satisfying - and a sure sign that you're doing something right in terms of your overall development. Congrats! Keep it going!
  7. whistledixie

    whistledixie New Member

    3s: Workout #6

    It was a heck of a day today!


    Warm up: 2 mile walk with doggy, jump rope - 50 singles

    Bench Press - warm up sets: 1*10 @ 80 lbs, 1*5 @ 100 lbs, 1*3 @ 125 lbs, 1*1 @ 150 lbs; work sets: 3*3 @ 155 lbs (1st set clustered 2,1)
    Pullup - warm up: 1*5 @ BW; work sets: 1*3 @ 40 lbs, 1*2 @ 50 lbs, 1*3 @ 50 lbs
    DB Bent Over Row: 3*3 @ 150 lbs

    The first set of 155 on the bench made me think I might not be able to cash that check. I got 2 reps and hung it back on the rack, waited 20 seconds and strained to get 1 more. I took about a 3 miunte rest and sort of meditated - visualizing myself doing it. I rationalized that I might have needed to warm up a bit further. When I returned, I hit 3 reps in beast mode. The 3rd set was maybe too much. I struggled like Hell on the pullups afterwards. I failed the second set with 50 lbs on my back, took another long break and got 3 unbroken reps - good enough. The rows weren't too bad.


    Warm up: bring in all the Christmas presents from the truck.

    Standing Shoulder Press - warm up: 1*5 @ 65 lbs, 1*3 @ 85 lbs; work sets: 3*3 @ 105 lbs
    Deadlift - warm up: 1*5 @ 115 lbs, 1*4 @ 125 lbs, 1*3 @ 150 lbs, 1*2 @ 165 lbs, 1*1 @ 175 lbs; work sets: 1*3 @ 185 lbs, 1*3 @ 195 lbs, 1*3 @ 205 lbs!
    Dip - 1*3 @ BW, 2*3 @ BW+40 lbs

    Well, obviously the big news this evening was the 205 lbs deadlift. I programmed the schedule to try for a 185 lb max, but I just kept adding weight and pulling it like a champ. I broke 200!!!

    PBs all over the place, which I suppose are super common for a novice like myself. But it doesn't make it any less sweet!

    Thanks everyone for all the advice and encouragement throughout! This has been a huge success for me. Everyone at our Christmas party last night made comments about my physique!

    I am still going to do 2 more sessions before I SD. I'll work up to 1 rep maxes on shoulder press, squat, dip on Sunday (maybe do some Kroc rows for the heck of it) and deadlift, bench press, and pullup on Tuesday.
  8. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    Awesome lifts and congratulations on the Dead Lift!
  9. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    PBs are nice -- especially in the deadlift. It sort of keeps ratcheting up. Next time, when you come back to deads, you'll be able to reach much higher.

  10. whistledixie

    whistledixie New Member

    Testing 1 RMs

    Warm up: jump rope - 100 singles

    Standing Shoulder Press - warm up: 1*8 @ 65 lbs, 1*5 @ 90 lbs, 1*1 @ 105 lbs, work sets: 1*1 @ 110 lbs, 115 lbs, 120 lbs (failed)
    Push Press - 1*1 @ 120 lbs, 125 lbs, 130 lbs (failed)
    Back Squat - warm up: 1*10 air squats, 1*5 @ 90 lbs, 1*4 @ 125 lbs, 1*3 @ 150 lbs, 1*2 @ 160 lbs, work sets: 1*1 @ 175 lbs, 180 lbs, 185 lbs, 190 lbs
    Dip - warm up: 1*10 @ BW, 1*1 @ BW+40 lbs; work set: 1*24 @ BW
    Kroc Row - 1*30 @ 45 lbs

    Decided to try out 1RM push press after I failed 120 lbs on the strict shoulder press.

    Back squat at 190 lbs felt good. It was a slow ascent, so I decided to cap that set and avoid failure.

    Weighted 1RM dips seemed unnecessary, so I tested my max reps of bodyweight dips. I fought for a 25th rep, but it just wasn't there.

    If I understand Kroc rows, you take a relatively heavy dumbell and do as many reps with good form as possible, then use momentum to bang out 10 or 15 more until it burns you alive/you can't go anymore. If that is correct, mission accomplished. I'm toast.
  11. whistledixie

    whistledixie New Member

    Talked to my bro about the next cycle. He has been reading some stuff and came up with something... pretty ridiculous.

    He likes my gains on HST, but thinks that I had better/the most progress during the 10s. He read that the best rep schemes for muscle development are between 6 - 12, so that 'confirmed' his assumption that the 10 rep stuff was better than the 15s or 5s.

    I had a sort of simplified version of my previous cycle in mind - doing squats, strict press, dips alternating with deadlift, bench, pullups - doing some isolation stuff on the side throughout, but not as part of the progressive load scheme.

    I sent him some material on HST and hope for the best. I want to get him on board and want him to be excited about what we are doing, but I don't want to backslide while I'm having so much success with HST. There were things about his program that I liked. I considered taking his template and making adjustments so that it adheres to the principles of HST. But I think some of those lifts are too advanced for him. And me, too, really. I don't really think I have good enough form on the oly lifts yet to do them heavy.
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  12. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    The "bro mags" are like cotton candy...
  13. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

  14. _tim

    _tim Well-Known Member

    Totally agree what TR and g11 have suggested. HST is based upon a set of scientific principles that have proven to be effective - heck, WD, you've seen the proof with your current cycle. Sure - there are other ways to go about training, with other methodologies, that will be successful. You don't find those in bro-mags. Stick to your guns, progress as you should, and your brother will be ripe with jealousy by summer.
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  15. whistledixie

    whistledixie New Member

    Testing 1RM - final workout of 1st HST cycle

    From yesterday:

    Warm up: walk/jog with doggy - 2 miles

    Bench Press - warm up: 1*10 @ 80 lbs, 1*5 @ 115 lbs, 1*4 @ 135 lbs, 1*3 @ 145 lbs, 1*2 @ 150 lbs, 1*1 @ 155 lbs; work sets: 1*1 @ 160 lbs, 1*1 @ 165 lbs, 1*1 @ 170 lbs!
    Deadlift - warm up: 1*5 @ 115 lbs, 1*4 @ 150 lbs, 1*3 @ 175 lbs, 1*2 @ 195 lbs, 1*1 @ 205 lbs; work sets: 1*1 @ 215 lbs, 1*1 @ 225 lbs, 1*1 @ 235 lbs!!!
    Pullup - 1*19 @ BW

    Cool-down: BB Thrusters - 1*8, 1*7, 1*6 @ 65 lbs, Pullups - 1*8, 1*7*, 1*6 @ BW

    Well, the cycle comes to an end and I've got some great new PBs. I couldn't be happier with my progress on HST, particularly strength-wise. The hypertrophy is cool too: I'm about 2 inches bigger in my chest, shoulders, and thighs.

    My CrossFit total from September:

    Shoulder Press - 105
    Back Squat - 165
    Deadlift - 185
    Total - 455

    My CrossFit total today:

    Shoulder Press - 115
    Back Squat - 190
    Deadlift - 235
    Total - 540

    Powerlifting total:

    Bench Press - 170
    Back Squat - 190
    Deadlift - 235
    Total - 595

    I tested my max rep bodyweight pullups last night and only got in 19 - first 14 were dead hang, kipping for 5 more. I hoped I could break 20 and I'm fairly confident I could get 20 reps if I hadn't conducted the test right after hitting such heavy loads on bench press and deadlift.

    I'll probably be lingering around this forum throughout the holidays, but I won't start my next cycle until January 2nd. I'm pretty psyched about the next cycle and think I have a pretty good program setup for me and my brother.
  16. whistledixie

    whistledixie New Member


    After much deliberation, discussion, debate, discourse, et al., I finally have the next cycle pinned down and I'm pretty psyched about it.

    3* a week:

    Shoulder Press

    Bench Press
    Squat / Deadlift (alternating)
    Row / Shrug (alternating)

    The rep schemes: 2 weeks each: 15s, 12s, 9s, 6s, 3s - plus 2 sessions of 1s. Why? Various reasons. Trying to compromise being one. Another important one: I wished my last cycle had been a couple of weeks longer!

    Sets: 1*15, 1*12, 2*9, 3*6, 4*3

    Those are the standard work sets I'm going to aim for. For the first 3 or 4 workouts of each 2 week series, I'm going to hit the number of sets programmed and then a final set where I rep as many times as possible (staying within a couple reps of true failure). Then, the final 1 or 2 workouts, where I'm working with max loads, I'm going to hit the prescribed number of reps once or twice (depending on how I feel), then do a final set of 20 using m-time set before moving on to the next lift.

    I'll be doing some isolation stuff and some alternate lifts in addition to the programmed lifts as 'cool-down' play time. Those lifts will include tricep extensions, curls, flys, etc. We'll be rotating those around on a weekly basis, not focusing on progressive loads more than just 'pumpin' and if time doesn't permit, they will be dropped in favor of the more important work.

    For the first 6 weeks, 30 minutes of moderate intensity cardio + ab work on day 2, 4, & 6 (strength work on day 1, 3, 5). By week 7, transitioning into more intense cardio and core/ab work on those days. And the 'cool-down' stuff after the workout will start to include some met-con type stuff like 20-reps of snatch and stuff.

    I'm not trying to gain any more size at the moment, so I really took some time and planned out a diet program for the cycle. I'll keep the cals between 2700 - 2900. I have more carbs programmed for cardio days and more protein for strength days. On top of what I eat, the supplements (creatine, XTend, Whey) will put the total cals above 3000 on my lifting days, so I think I'm in a good position to keep what I have gained.

    But I'm really stoked about my diet plan. It really is thorough and having it planned out will help me plan my week better and keep me from having to make poor food choices on the spot. And the plan contains very little processed food, which I'm happy about. I've wanted to steer away from processed food for a while, but it has always seemed too difficult.
  17. whistledixie

    whistledixie New Member

    New HST cycle workout #1

    From yesterday:

    15 rep session #1

    Warm up: Jump rope - 100 singles

    Shoulder Press - 55 lbs
    Pullup - BW
    Dip - BW
    DB Row - 100 lbs (total)

    Cool down: 45 minute walk w/doggy

    Warm up: Jump rope - 100 singles

    Bench Press - 90 lbs
    Back Squat - 95 lbs

    Cool down: 50 lb DB Incline Press, 90 lb Decline BB Press, 40 lb DB Fly

    Well, the SD worked - I felt super weak. My muscle endurance must've fell off dramatically because 15 reps felt like Hell.

    Did 1 work set for everything and 1 additional set where I did as many reps as possible. Didn't count the reps, but probably hit somewhere close to 20 reps on most. Hit some extra chest stuff in the PM, lighter weight, not counting reps.
  18. whistledixie

    whistledixie New Member

    Today - Cardio/Ab day

    Warm up: 30 minute walk w/doggy

    20 minutes on treadmill @ 5 mph

    10 minute ab workout (don't know all the names of these movements)

    Lying leg lift (alternating) x 48
    Lying leg lift (alternating) double time x 48
    Leg lift w/ medicine ball touch x 32
    Bicycle kick w/pause every 4th rep x 32
    Bicycle kick double time x 48
    Jack knife x 24
    Seated pike hold x 32
    Seated pike leg lift x 32

    Cool down: stretch
  19. whistledixie

    whistledixie New Member


    Been away from the interweb for almost a week, so I need to do some backdated training logs:

    From Tuesday, January 4:

    15 rep session 2

    Warm up: Jump rope - 200 singles

    Bench Press - 95 lbs
    Pullup - BW
    Dip - BW
    Shoulder Press - 55 lbs
    Deadlift - 120 lbs
    Shrug - 100 lbs

    Cool down: DB curls, DB incline bench curls, BB reverse curls
  20. whistledixie

    whistledixie New Member

    Wednesday, January 5th:

    Cardio/Ab day

    20 min on treadmill @ 5mph

    10 minute ab workout:

    Side crunches (right side) x 48
    Alternating leg lift x 32
    Side crunches (left side) x 48
    Crunch x 64
    Long arm crunch x 40
    Knees to elbow x 40
    Jack knife x 32
    Bicycle kick x 40


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