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  1. Just doing the testing I already see that by the time I get through Legs, Chest and Back the rest would be very poor quality work. I have decided to move to a AM/PM split.
    I was thinking of doing Legs, Chest, Back at 9 and Shoulders, Traps,Bi, Tris at 2 PM
    I am doing a total of 9 sets per session.
    Also, I am still needing to cut during this cycle. I know how many calories I need for a normal 1 body part 12-18 set workout. Does going to a AM/PM split of an 18 set whole body workout require more calories than a one session one bodypart workout. While I AM cutting I would really rather not burn up a buch of muscle!
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    18 sets of full body typically requires a little bit more calories than one session, one bodypart to maintain.
  3. Thanks for the reply!

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