Why not do SD more often?

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    Hello, why not do 1 week training(full body three times week, hit style, 1 set to the positive failure) and then 9-14 days rest?

    I have seen my own training routines, that when i train musclegroup 3 times in month and keep 14 days SD, i have always got best muscle gains.

    I mean like:
    1. chest, shoulders, triceps
    2. legs, calves
    3. back, biceps

    three weeks training and one week without no training with weights.
    Then i have done three "chest, shoulders, triceps" workouts; "three legs, calves" workouts; three "back, biceps" workout.

    when you count the days between last training, you see that it`s 14 days since last ex. chest, shoulders, triceps workout, when i start training my chest, shoulders, triceps again.

    I think SD is great idea from Bryan and it certainly has helped me put more muscle.

    I can´t understand why i should do 15 reps, 10 reps, 5 reps 2 week block workouts?

    When i could do:
    1 week training, 1 week off training(or more "off days to" get 14 days rest last full body workouts)?

    In mainly 1 set,6-8 reps, which builds the solid muscle, like many powerlifter has.

    Chest, shoulders, triceps 3-way split is fairly good routine, but full body routine has advantages.

    It has been said that many injuries with early days of training was because the full body splits.
    When you the main reason is still pattern overload, which is caused by same rep/set schemes and doing same movements.

    With SD you can overcome this problem i think, when you take 9-14 days rest with out training, you muscles get rest.

    source: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=460663

    "The idea of strategic deconditioning is to remove the training stimulus temporarily so that the muscle will actually decondition and become more vulnerable to microtrauma. The trick is to stop lifting long enough to sensitize the muscle, but not so long as to lose too much hard earned muscle."

    in my experience after 14 days musclesize/strenght start going down, this is the right time to train muscle again.

    Comparing "full body 3x week" to "Chest, shoulders, triceps 3-way" split, i can train musclegroup 6 times in month in full body comparing training them 3 times in moth.

    I think HST is close the real way of natural training, when it´s done low volume(3 sets per musclegroup in week).

    I just don´t think i need tendon/lingament to been trained with 15 reps.
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    "HIT training takes this "deconditioning" too far. They think the muscle is "recovering" when it is actually past recovery and beginning to decondition thus allowing the stimulus to work the next time the muscle is trained. Unfortunately, the rate of growth is greatly dependant on the frequency of the stimulus. So with HST you hit a muscle at least 3 times as often as with HIT, and growth is greatly accelerated. "

    Basic HIT is doing full body three times week.
    Many get great gains first, when it stops(when pattern overload comes and muscle get stuff as shoe lether...)

    DC is variation of HIT, Dante has good points in his training.

    Doing the diffent exercise in next workout won´t help you build muscle, its good to your CNS though and it helps strenght gains(most get real good strenght gains doing DC.)

    I think most effective part of HST is the last 5 rep block, when you heavy on 5RM for two weeks and then do the SD for right time.
    Still two week on heavy 5RM is maybe too much CNS.

    1 week training, 1 week off weightraining is my idea.
    I would go high on protein, like in DC.

    300 g protein per day is still most off us enough.
    400-500g protein is fine on cycle, natural trainer hardly never needs that amount.
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    If all that SD works for you then great! Use some of it to really study up on all the info on this site and then why not give HST a try. If you read the HST-FAQ you will have a much better idea about HST and will be able to answer many of your own questions. Then, if you still have questions there are plenty of knowledgeable folk here who will be able to give you the answers you seek.

    Check this thread:

    Start reading here!
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    That seems useful thread, i dig in on that.
    Rep ranges on HST is kind of mystery me.
    I have got good gains with 6-8 reps.

    I know there studies where you need change stimulation every 6 workout to keep CNS fresh.
    Different exercise, repscheme etc.
    I just wonder is this must thing to do...
    DC goes with that and CNS stays fresh and powers go up.

    I wonder is the stiffess(tuff as shoelether...) off the muscles the real problem.
    When you can´t get more plateau and you are not progressing gaining more musclesize?
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    The idea underlying HST is to apply just enough tension to muscle tissue to stimulate growth.  After a good SD, the weights in the 15s ought to do the trick, but they won't for long.  That is why we continue to increase the weight as we work into the 10s and then the 5s.  After 2-4 weeks of using your 5RM weights, muscle growth slows down as your muscles become increasingly conditioned to these weights.  At that point, many use even heavier weights during negatives, or work up to using 3RM weights, or just go on an SD.

    I think most of us would love to keep on lifting all the time without ever taking an SD.  Problem with this is, muscle growth slows down as our muscles adapt to the weights we are lifting.  The only reason for doing an SD is to reduce some of the conditioning of the muscles so that the 15s-weights and the 10s-weights will again be a "potent" stimulus for muscle growth.

    Some articles that may help you understand HST can be found at Ridgely's Articles.

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