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    As last time I will start with a higher volume of lifts and reduce the volume as the program progresses. We learned that this volume was a little high for the tens so we will address that early on and avoid the fatigue experienced last cycle. Diet will be the same as last cycle, 1000 calories above maintenance.

    Following a traditional HST as prescribed including the 15s. We will be using an A / B scheme to incorporate more variance in our exercises. All exercises will be done in a single set during the 15s including the isolation work. I will use a 2 X 10 scheme for the 10s for the compound core movements and a 1 X 10 for the isolation work. Following that will be a 3 X 5 for the compounds and a 1 X 5 for the isolation work. Will polish this up with two weeks using progressively over 5s weight but will utilize Max - Stim, negatives, rest pause, power partials, and 3 X 3s. All of these tecniques will be used across all of the lifts during this final phase.

    I am making changes to the isolation work selected this cycle as well as a few of the core movements. Diversity in the isolation work with a focus on big core movements is the plan.

    Exercises chosen: The * denotes core movements that will be maintained for the entire program. The remaining lifts will be cycled out as the meso-cycles progress.
    ***** A Split *****
    * Bench Press
    EZ bar pullover (Bent arm for chest)
    * T-Bar Row
    One Arm Lat Pull
    * Squat
    Two leg curl
    * Military Press
    Incline Back Fly
    * Standing Row
    * EZ-Bar Overhead Tricep Extension
    * Dumbell Concentration Curl
    Reverse Wrist Curl
    * Weighted Situp

    ***** B Split *****
    * Dumbell Bench Press
    Decline Bench Press
    * Lat Pull
    Dumbell Row
    * Sumo Deadlift
    Sissy Squat
    One leg curl
    * Dumbell Press
    Side Shoulder Raise
    * Dumbell Shrug
    * Lying Dumbell Tricep Extension
    * EZ-Bar Curl
    Standing Barbell Forearm Curl
    * Cable Crunch

    Special notes:

    Weighted situps are being done over a bench to allow for hyperextension during the movement.

    Dumbell shrugs are being performed with a forward roll of the shoulders at the peak contraction instead of straight up and down. This tends to increase the time of the contraction and adds a little antagonistic work for the traps as the upper chest contracts to roll the weight forward while the traps are under load.

    Switching to Sumo Deadlifts to place a little more work on the inner thigh area.

    Working the hamstrings a little more directly this time around to assist the posterior chain for deadlifts and squats.

    Adding some overhead tricep work to target the medial tricep head. The inner and outer head made good progress last cycle but the medial head suffered a little until the weights went up.

    T-Bar Rows are a favorite of my partner. The hand position tends to force the elbows in a bit from a barbell row. I expect the see more lower lat activation as a result and less rhomboids.
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    Starting weight: 327# (I expect to lose a few pounds over the SD. I have stopped eating at surplus at this point)

    Starting measurements:

    Neck - 20.25"
    Upper Arm - 20.25"
    Forearm - 15"
    Chest - 60"
    Waist - 47
    Upper Thigh - 30.5"
    Calf - 21"
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    Finished a 10 day SD and both my partner and I have been anxious to get back to work. We will be having a light week this week to ease back into the work. I will be hosting a Halloween party on Friday so we opted for the slow start. We will start the cycle officially on next Monday.
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    Monday - Pre-Cycle

    Pullover - 80# 1 X 15
    Facepull - 80# 1 X 15
    Sumo Squat - 225# 1 X 15
    Reverse Shrug - 185# 1 X 15
    Tricep Kickout - 30# 1 X 15
    Weighted Crunch 25# 1 X 15

    Notes: Nothing taxing today. Just easing back into it to workout any kinks. Will add some additional movements in for Wednesday.

    Had a debate as to which movements to use this cycle. The partner was injured twice deadlifting. He is very leary of them for now. I am working out a new set of exercises today based upon our discussions.
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    (Wildman @ Oct. 28 2008,2:42)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Reverse Shrug - 185# 1 X 15</div>
    Is the Reverse Shrug done by holding the bar behind your back at about buttock level, then shrugging upward? Or is this a scapular exercise done on a lat pulldown machine?
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    wildman, I can't even begin to imagine how big you are [​IMG]

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