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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by sayw0rd, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. sayw0rd

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    My first day of my 15s - 2week block.

    Increments will be 75,80,85,90,95,100% of my RM.

    - Workout will be split A & B, alternating.
    - 2 sets for all the mesocycles. 2x15,2x10,2x5,2x5 again.
    - Will try to do negatives for the dips & chins.
    - All weights are in lbs.

    Workout A

    Squat (I use the smith machine due to a back problem)
    Flat Bench
    Power Shrugs
    Chin (1st set I’ll use wide grip, 2nd set I’ll use Narrow.. is that okay?)
    Lateral raise (rear)
    Bicep Curls
    Triceps Pushdowns
    Seated Calves (my gym does not have the standing calf raise machine)
    2sets of Weighted Hyper-extensions
    4sets of weighted abs workout

    Workout B

    Weighted Dips
    Military shoulder Press
    Lateral raise (rear)
    Power Shrugs
    Bicep Curls
    Triceps Pushdowns
    Seated Calves
    3sets of abs workout (body weight only)

    Did my first HST workout today, (Workout A)

    Squats - 2x15x70lbs (felt good about the weights)
    Flat Bench - 1x15x100, 1x20x100 (weights are pretty light)
    Chin 1x8xBW, 1x5,BW (really need to work on these)
    bent over lat raise 2x15x15 (good weight)
    shrugs 2x15x140 (felt light but grip was weak)
    Bicep Curls 2x15x20 (good weight)
    Tricep Pushdowns 1x15x(set on 8) (I don't know the weight for these, it was the machine and I set the pin to 8 but the weight was good)
    Standing Calf Raises - 1x15x75lbs, 1x15x95 (it seems weird without using the footblock, I get less ROM but gym doesn't have so that sucks)
    Hyper-Extensions 2x15x25 (felt great)
    Couldn't do abs, had to get back to work [​IMG]

    Overall, I'm not too confident about this program but I will stick to it and give it a shot.
    I feel like I'm maybe doing too much in 1 session, not too confident about the workout program A & B either but maybe it'll pay off with dedication.
  2. ryder22

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    well man we have the pretty same feeling about our current HST routine.. I personally feel that we should have faith on the program for I know that it really works and it is the one that suits our bodybuilding goals fast.. however we still dont know how to modify our programs so we can reap the most benefits out of it without crashing to the ground.. As what i've experienced I feel pretty burned out on my HST routine for an unknown reason.. i also need serious help from the HST experts and I know one day im gonna do it properly
  3. TunnelRat

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    (sayw0rd @ Nov. 04 2008,8:23)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">I feel like I'm maybe doing too much in 1 session, not too confident about the workout program A &amp; B either but maybe it'll pay off with dedication.</div>
    Try Simplify and Win!
  4. ryder22

    ryder22 New Member

    Tunnel Rat is right bro.. Simplify and Win is the way to unlocking new pounds of muscle on using the HST program.. Keep pushin bro.. [​IMG]
  5. ryder22

    ryder22 New Member

    Also I am enlightened on what they've answered me.. We should keep our workouts short and sweet. Keep it simple bro

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