Working out every other day (48 hours apart)

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by octium, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. octium

    octium New Member

    How come this isn't recommended for HST? From the articled and studies on this website the author even said training every 48 hours is optimal.

    I'm going to do this anyways despite people saying not to tweak the routine because I hate time off from the gym.

    It just seems counter productive if the goal is MAXIMUM hypertrophy.. that you would waste a day not training?
  2. nastynas33

    nastynas33 New Member

    It IS recommended.

    I think u are getting confused with something.

    Most of us do something like a M/W/F schedule and then off on the weekends.
  3. misev

    misev New Member

    What you're saying is very contradictory :)
  4. octium

    octium New Member

    What I mean is the planned out routine says MWF then two days off, yet studies show you don't need to take those two days off on the weekend (studies posted on this site)

    so why doesnt the plan go like M-W-F-Su-Tu-Th-Sa...

    So lets use bench press for example and lets say I every workout I increased weight by 5-10 lbs so that I completed the microcycle within about 2 weeks. the only difference being that I have added an extra workout each two weeks.

    I.e, more frequency > which would mean more gains...
  5. Brixtonian

    Brixtonian Member

    You can do that.

    HST is a set of principles, not specific directions.

    The break at the weekend is two fold; firstly, it makes it easier to follow. Most people (not all, myself included) work Monday to Friday and weekends are a different - usually social and domestic - 'environment', if you like. The routine plan tends to fit in around a Monday - Friday schedule.
    The second aspect, is that it allows an extra day off periodically, particularly at the end of each mini cycle, where you have just hit your RM.

    Its as simple as that. Get an extra day of rest every so often, and have it at a weekend, and enjoy life a little.

    I doubt you would see much, if anything, extra in the way of gains (unless you were a complete novice) and that would probably be overridden by the benefits of that extra day off anyway.

    Good luck

  6. octium

    octium New Member

    Thats just the thing though... every thing on this site points to the fact that there are NO benefits from taking that extra day off on the weekend...

    and isn't the sdl (or what ever its called) there for the purpose of recovery anyways (as well as priming for the next cycle)
  7. nastynas33

    nastynas33 New Member

    I guess they put M-W-F, because it's easier to follow and it allows the mini cycles to evenly line up with two week time periods. It makes everything easier to organize and follow. And as said, it gives u weekends off.

    I don't really do M-W-F, i just do "workout every other day, unless you are too busy or too tired to do so".

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