Working out while sore??

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  1. I tend to get sore when I work out because I really go slow. My chest is very slightly sore just from the 1st day of 15s. I can't imagine what it's going to be like say last day of 10's or even middle of 10's. Is it ok to workout while being sore?? Do any of you workout while sore?? I am guessing this isn't a big deal but it's new to me. I have never worked out on sore muscles.
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    <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">I have never worked out on sore muscles.</div>

    Maybe that is why you never really got good results before?

    Whilst you wil get sore from training initially, with HST that eventually fades away, typically you should be always a little sore (slightly) or at least feeling full (muscle).

    Consider this:

    <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">21. DOMS, or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
    Getting sore from training is like sweating from training.

    It often accompanies training but can't effectively be used as a measure of the effectiveness of the workout.
    They are related, but not &quot;correlated&quot;.

    This does not stop people from using DOMS as their measure of the effectiveness of the workout. This is not a bad thing! Nor is looking for sweat a bad thing to do when trying to tell if you're working hard enough.

    The problem comes when people change their workouts inappropriately based on signs of soreness.

    An effective workout doesn't necessarily lead to soreness. The effectiveness of a workout depends on what type of workout is imposed on tissue that is at a certain level of conditioning (i.e. resistant to damage).

    I personally like to maintain a very slight level of soreness at all times. The kind of soreness that most people might describe as simple stiffness.

    The DOMS that is felt the day after, or even not until 2 days after, is most likely a result of an inflammatory response.
    Prostaglandins are released in the tissue which hyper-sensitize the nerves. This is not the only reason but most research seems to agree that this is the most likely mechanism.

    Microtrauma can occur with or without this type of soreness. At the same time, a certain degree of growth can also occur with or without microtrauma depending on how you define microtrauma.
    It isn't necessary to have major microtrauma. We only need to disrupt the membranes enough to get satellite cells activated and fusing with existing fibers. Without this step, the fiber may enlarge slightly, but it cannot grow significantly because of a fixed nuclear to sarcoplasmic ratio.

    Unless new nuclei are added from satellite cells, the volume of the fiber will not increase beyond rather small increments.

    So my point is that although DOMS, microtrauma, and hypertrophy are all related, they are not entirely dependant on one another.

    However, a low level of DOMS is a good indicator of what kind of stimulus you created for the tissue and usually indicates that you are in the process of growth if you can maintain an adequate stimulus over time.

    I like to be a little sore throughout the entire cycle. When my training is too infrequent and/or my increments are too small, the soreness usually goes away and gains &quot;seem&quot; (this is subjective) to be slower.

    Then again, I have made good gains at times with little or no soreness...</div>
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    dont worry about being sore for one it is an indication you are getting a good work out(as long as its not too painful),secondly this will subside when you get used to handling the weights.
  4. I appreciate the comments but I never worked out on sore muscles before because I was on a different workout routine. I was doing a split routine. Mondays chest/tris I would be sore from that but I wouldn't be working out these muscles until the next monday. It was like this

    Monday Chest/Tris
    Wednesday BAck/Bis
    Friday Legs/Shoulders

    I would get sore but I wouldn't work my sore chest because by the next monday it wouldn't be sore anymore. I did get good results, I don't recall stating that I never got results. I am just looking for a new routine with even better results this is why I am here. Thanx for the reply
  5. like the others said, if its not painful, its fine.
    I like working out with the sore feeling.

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