Workout Critique


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I've been using a routine that attempt to deliver both strength and hypertrophy results. I use basic compound lifts for different movement patterns.

My exercises are as follows -
Horizontal Push - Dumbell Bench Press
Horizontal Pull - Dumbell Rows
Vertical Push - Dumbell Shoulder Press
Vertical Pull - Pullups
Hip/Hamstring Specific - Romanian Deadlift
Quad Specific - Squat

I use a 10 week cycle. I stay between 10-12 Reps during the first 5 weeks and 5-7 during the second 5 weeks and do 6 sets of all exercises, grouping the opposing movement patterns together and having 2 seperate days for legs. (Total of 4 workouts)

I find my greatest strength gains come from the last 5 weeks while gains in muscle size are negligibly greater in the first 5 weeks. At the end of this cycle i do strategic deconditioning for a week or two and then begin the cycle over. I've done 2 cycles of this and have recorded poundage increases varying from a minimum of 10 percent to 15 percent over the 10 weeks. And since i work most muscle groups twice a week, i realize sustained hypertrophy which leads to strength increases and so on.

Comments on this would be greatly appreciated, for example, the shortcomings and what i can do to tweak this program.
maybe in the next cylce change movements. Also think about maybe some power training (48-66% of max moved fast) enhance type 2 recruitment. You could also change the order. The number of changes you could make are endles..

The program you provided above does look solid. Beware of the law of accomodation (when exposed to same stimuli repeatedly the response weakens or diminishes)

coach hale