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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by XFatMan, Jan 18, 2008.

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    To tell you the truth, I’d do the same and wouldn’t even give a damn about the floor. But the gym owner would then no further allow squats. It was really a pain in the buttocks to convince him to get a simple stand for squats and overhead presses, so I’d better be gentle. I also had a hard time convincing him that the deadlift is pretty safe.

    At the gym, I’m the only guy who squats – all others do leg extensions, hamstring curls, and leg presses instead. I’m the only one who deadlifts or does bent-over rows – all others do pull downs for back work.. And I’m the only one who does standing overhead presses – all others do them seated – what a waste of time because you can press more when you’re standing. And it’s the only gym where you can do these exercises. All other places are machine-based – not an option for me.
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    Heck, it might be worth your while to get your own olympic bar and plates so you could lift at home. It might be cheaper than paying gym fees.
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    I'm considering that option, too. Setting up a home gym for my purpose would be simple and pretty cheap: a bar, some plates, a flat bench, and a squat rack.
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    If you don't, in two years all those guys will be in your way wanting to do deads, squats, O.H. presses...because of your progress.
    If you want a home gym, learn from this: if you buy ****, you won't use it. Doesn't matter if it's rusted, squeaky, dented, smelly, spotted, bent, chipped or scratched. If it FEELS cheap, so will you. So a good bench is your first priority, although I built my squat rack (for about $25) and use a flat bench (WAY cheaper) and just added incline/decline bench since I found one for almost nothing. My first bench was plywood, 2x4's, and old sofa padding cut thin and covered with a towel. It worked as well as anything because it was a.) 17" high and b.) solid. Man, was it uuuuuugleeey!
    Homemade weight tree ($6), T-Bar row, pressdown rig (welded from old BP equip), lifting platform (this would cost you here; wood is now expensive, but I used scrap) and a bunch of small hole weights with four spin-on db handles. That's a complete gym, using a little imagination. All you need now is an unused sunroom...with extra room for stuff you'll find at yard sales, thrift stores and backyards as you go. I had a problem with bringing home too much junk I wouldn't use or didn't need. Seems like there's a piece sitting out on the curb for pickup every month or so! But always replaced with something better we found.
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    ^ The Quad-Arena ^

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