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    I workout day on day off repeated. What do you think of this set up, any recommendations? I'm using my previous (and first) HST cycle as a guide to set these weights up since some were too light and some too heavy.

    I'm 24, I've been bodybuilding since 18 and just recently I've finally allowed myself to diverge from the normal 2 body part per day split. I want to take this winter and really focus and lifting heavy as I've been doing the high rep range thing for too long. I'll post my new max's in a week or two. I'm 5'8'' 165.

    All time bests:
    Bench Press-275x3

    I happened to weight 195 when I made these lifts so I'm at a advantageousness weighing 30lbs lighter this time around.

    My goal in 6 months or less aside from additional muscle would be:
    Bench Press-275x6
    Squat- 315x6+

    Supplements-5g Creatine Monohydrate
    5g Beta Alanine
    Caffeine Pre workout-200mg
    5g Fish oil
    Vitamins (B100, Buffered C, D in the winter)

    Leg Curl
    Incline BB
    Bent over row
    BB shoulder press
    EZ French Press
    Incline Curl

    1 leg press (My leg press is light[maybe lunge instead])
    Wide grip Pullup
    Lateral Raise (upright row's for the 5's)
    BB Shrugs
    Bench Dips
    Ez curls

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