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    Results after one HST Cycle

    Finished the 8 week HST cycle, heres the results

    after the 15's
    right bi 37cms - 14.6inch
    left bi 36cms - 14.2inch
    chest 102cms-40.2inch
    shoulders 118cms - 46.5inch
    waist 92 - 36.2inch

    After the 5RM , 8th week
    right bi 15.1inch/38.3cms
    Left bi 15inch/38cms
    Shoulders 118.5cms, 46.75inches. +.5cms/.25inch
    Chest 106cms/41/7inch
    Waist 95.5cms/37.6 inch
    weight 93.8kg/206.36lbs

    Right bi +1.3cms/.5inch
    left bi + 2 cms/.8inch
    Shoulders +.5cms/.2inch
    Chest/back + 4cms/1.6inch
    Waist +3.5cms/1.4inch
    Weight + 5.8kg/12.7lbs from start of cycle. (8 weeks)
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    Just finished my first cycle with HST (today is my last day of SD). I weighed in at roughly the same time every morning with an impedance scale (some big swings with impedance, but i looked at the running average for end results). Also, before I started this HST cycle, I did a cut (Lyle McDonald's UD2.0), and I play competitive sand volleyball several times a week (I'm guessing this probably affected my results):

    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 175.8 lbs
    Fat mass: 13.2 lbs
    BF %: 7.5%

    Weight: 187.0 lbs
    Fat mass: 17.0 lbs
    BF %: 9.1%

    Weight: +11.2 lbs
    Fat mass: +3.8 lbs
    BF: +1.6%
    LBM: +7.4 lbs

    This has been the first time in my life that I've actually been able to gain muscle so quickly. I'm energized and looking forward to the next cycle, I just hope the gains keep coming. =)
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    2-3lbs of gains is really one is gaining 7lbs in a matter of weeks
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    If you gain 2-3lbs LBM every cycle....?
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    That seems good...36 pounds added after two years
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    I actually have gained 13 lbs of LBM in 4 cycles. In fact I'll still end my 4th cycle next week.

    I really believe that dieting is the key for HST to work properly. Every single time I left diet behind my results were less than optimal.

    Now, for instance, I'm having issues to gain further weight because I'm not getting the calories needed. I'm passing by some trouble and my goal (3700 kcal a day) is hard to accomplish every day with so much obligations in the life.
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    Can we see the pictures?
  8. leonardopm

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    I'll get some time to take pictures. I'm also interested as it will help me to track the changes.
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    Okay, some bad pictures in the other topic.
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    Chest Gains... Start - 36.5"... End - 38"
    Total: 1.5"

    Arm Gains... Start - 13.2"... End - 14.2"
    Total: 1"

    Waist Gains... Start - 31.5"... End - 32"
    Total: .5"

    Thigh Gains... Start - 19.5"... End - 20"
    Total: .5"

    Forearm Gains... Start - 11.5"... End - 12"
    Total: .25"

    Shoulder Gains... Start - 46.25"... End - 48.5"
    Total: 2.25"

    Neck Gains... Start - 15"... End - 15.25"
    Total: .25"

    Start - 140lbs ... End - 155 lbs...

    I focused on traps and biceps in this program... I am on day 7 of 9 for strategic deconditioning. The program worked so well that I'm doing it again starting Sunday... This time I am putting emphasis on legs and back...

    I've incorporated abs into the routine, as well, and I'll be focusing on obliques this time around.

    OH, also worth mentioning that I did a half-load (10g/day) of creatine for 2 weeks starting at the 10 RM period, and continued at 5 grams per day during the 5RM portion... In weeks 7-8, I did 3 negatives (5RM) and two drop-sets (5RM)... I saw my strength dropping during the dropset, so I stopped one workout early.
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  12. Lol

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    "Oh, also worth mentioning that I did a half-load (10g/day) of creatine for 2 weeks starting at the 10 RM period, and continued at 5 grams per day during the 5RM portion..."
    Do you mean you used a double load during 10s?

    "In weeks 7-8, I did 3 negatives (5RM) and two drop-sets (5RM)... I saw my strength dropping during the dropset, so I stopped one workout early."
    Not sure what you are actually saying you did here?
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    Traditional "loading" of creatine is done at 20 grams a day for one week, so I was talking about creatine intake.

    Basically, I was saying that I did negatives for week 7, and I started doing dropsets for week 8 but noticed my strength decreasing so I stopped early.
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    To give a bit of history, I have worked out on and off (haven't we all - ha, ha) for about 25 years. I started out as a teenager and followed all the Weider publications and Schwarzenegger routines. In the early 2000's I got on to Max OT (AST Sport Science) and then followed that type of a routine for a number of years (talk about going heavy with the loads - whoa). After some time on Max OT, I could just feel myself wearing down. I had joint pain, wrist pain and just generally feeling like I could not keep this kind of training up for much longer. I believe I injured myself somehow lifting a ludicrous weight and ended up talking to my sister inlaw (who is a physical therapist). She knows a lot about muscles and I felt stupid that I never asked her any questions before about hypertrophy prior to this time. One question I asked her was how long does a muscle need to rest before training it again. She advised me that according to scientific research, it was 48 hours. I was shocked to say the very least and that started me on a journey of research and questioning everything that I had believed regarding muscles. To cut a long story short, I came to find HST and I have never looked back. It took me a while to get my head around everything and re-learn, but consistently following the HST principals has resulted in the fastest muscle growth I have ever seen. Here are some measurements to show my success;

    Chest / Back
    August 2012 - 45"
    My chest / back measurement did get up to 50" when I was weighing 220lbs)
    January 2015 - 49"
    May 2015 - 50-3/4"

    August 2012 - 15" (unflexed)
    October 2012 - 15-1/2" (unflexed)
    October 2013 - 17-1/4 (flexed)
    January 2015 - 18-1/4" (flexed)
    May 2015 - nearly 18-1/2" (flexed)

    I don't take any steroids.... I have been very consistent with training and am still growing. With my chest, I am not really interested in growing it anymore, so I am more or less just maintaining that group of muscles.

    Early in 2014, I reached 220lbs. I was big and people were commenting on my size, however I lacked the definition I was after due to the body fat levels. I tried the IF (Intermittent Fasting) diet and this was a run away success for me with getting lean. Man did this diet strategy work! I lost 15lbs and am now hovering around the 205lbs mark. I lost about an inch off my chest / back measurement and that was fine by me, because it was too large anyway. My arms were always the lagging body part and during the IF dieting, I kept gaining size on my arms. Whilst fasting, I kept working out and prioritizing my arms. Now, when I look in the mirror I see the bodybuilder physique that I always wanted as a kid.

    With regards to adding muscle, I am not so certain that we need to consume the massive amounts of calories that some suggest. In my experience, I was in calorie deficit for extended periods and still working through the 15's, 10's and 5's rep ranges. I still kept gaining muscle and noticing the changes in the mirror. I sometimes still do a double take when I walk past a mirror (as vain as this sounds), because I feel the results from HST are amazing.

    So, HST has worked really well for me and continues to work well for me. I recently added myo-reps (thanks O&G) and this has added a whole new level to my training. I will never train any other way.
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    I'll be starting my HST soon in May and I just wanna ask how the strength gains are like for the programme. Is 5kg bench, 10kg squat/dl gains per cycle overly optimistic (BW 70kg/ current 5RM - 70kg bench/90ish kg squats/120kg DL).

    I know the main purpose of HST is hypertrophy but I was thinking strength gains might follow if I start following a hypertrophy type training routine.
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    As you noted HST is not strength training. That being said if you are bulking you can expect a 5/10kg upper lower per cycle pretty easily. For you personally upwards of 1x body weight in bench you can expect a little slower growth but 5kg per 6-8weeks is pretty realistic, and most people achieve 2x lower body lifts fairly quickly. If you are serious about your squat and deadlift, particularly with your form, even with a moderate bulk you should see those increase pretty quick and then slow down to a 10kg a cycle range.
  17. nick319

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    Is it safe to assume that I increase my 5RMs 5kg/10kg between cycles without testing? I actually plan to do a recomp because my bf levels are a lil too high (~15% I'm guessing) and at this stage, I think bulking would be counter productive to my long term goals.
  18. Totentanz

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    I wouldn't assume an increase. You should, at the very least, test your new 5 RMs at the end of a cycle.
  19. nick319

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    Ahh yes I misinterpreted the last 2 weeks, thinking it was consistently my old 5RMs. I am supposed to up to my new 5RMs if it's gone up, right?
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    wow almost 3 years since a progress report on here... that's sad!!! This is the coolest thread....
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