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  1. Taank

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    My changes from Nov 04 to Sep 06. I am just starting
    SD after my first HST cycle. So, this is not all HST, but
    I have seen better results in the past 8 weeks of HST
    than I have since my first 3 months beginner gains.
    145lbs --> 180lbs
  2. Totentanz

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    My results using HST principles:

    Currently somewhere between 215 lbs - 220 lbs at around 10% bodyfat

    5 RM for deads is now 400 lbs, was something like 150 lbs back in January 2005
    5 RM for chins is bodweight plus 70 lbs was BW in 01/2005
    5 RM for dips is bodyweight plus 50 lbs was less than BW in 01/2005
    5 RM for bentover rows is 250 lbs was 100 lbs in 01/2005

    Needless to say, using HST principles, I've had some serious strength gains. I just bought more weights and retested my maxes, recieving a pleasant surprise when I put all the weights I have on the bar, which totaled 400 lbs, and was able to deadlift it for 5 reps. I've only trained with 350 lbs for deads so far, so I wasn't expecting to be able to hit 400 lbs.
    I haven't tested my max for squats yet, but I'm expecting it to be a lot higher as well.

    My whole point in posting this is to show that HST isn't just for size gains. You won't become a "huge weakling" using HST. As long as you push yourself and stick to the principles, you will become stronger.
  3. scientific muscle

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    Because you are fairly humble in the forum, I had no idea you were so big and strong! 215-220 lb.s at 10% bodyfat is quite an accomplishment unless you are very tall. And the chins+70 is an amazing feat, you must have killer lats...I will catch up with you eventually I hope. I am about 190-195 right now and I am aiming for something like your stats by next year. I was 175-180 when I started back in May. ~15 lb.s gained in about 4 months, I am not complaining! [​IMG]
  4. Lifting N Tx

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    Thanks for posting that, Totentanz.

    Your results are inspirational!
  5. Diamyo

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    Just finished my first HST cycle tonight - 7 lbs of lean muscle gained in 5 weeks*.  I went from 222 to 229, and remained at 12% bodyfat (I'm 6'4").  

    *(My cycle was one week shorter b/c I did the first 3 weeks at every 48 hours, and the last 2 at 3x week.)

    I didn't take measurements b/c I didn't have a tape measure until halfway through the cycle, but I did take pics and will take my 'ending' photos tomorrow and post the before and after.

    The results were very impressive though (well, at least to me), as I was averaging a bit more than 1lb of muscle gained per week. I did the 1x15, 2x10 and 3x5 routine.

    I'm taking 1 week off, then instead of a second HST cycle, I am going to go to a 12 week Max Stim cycle and see how that does for me.

    I was convinced HST was the real deal after reading this results thread, so hopefully my results will add to the list and help convince others to give it a try as well (and thanks to Bryan for developing and generously posting the HST routine out for free!)
  6. Key Of David

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    Many of you have seen this in a thread I started but thought I would put it here for the record and anyone searching this thread.  HST works and here's more proof!

    This was my first cycle in probably a year and a half or so, but my body wasn't as deconditioned as I thought it would be.  I did high reps with light weights for a while before I ever even thought about finding my rep maxes for the 15, 10, and 5 ranges.

    Now my first 2 cycles a while back didn't involve creatine supplementation or going multiple sets as the rep ranges went down.  That changed this time.  

    I took 5 gms of creatine everyday in the morning.

    I increased my sets as the reps went down accordingly; 15s were 1 set, 10s were 2, and 5s were 3.

    This cycle started on Monday, 10/23/06 and this past week on Friday, 12/23/06.   I maybe could have lasted longer and maybe possibly gained more but I was getting really busy, losing a lot of sleep, losing my appetite, and was feeling very burned out at this point.  

    I don't like that "burned out" feeling as it means overtraining so I decided to stop this cycle here.  I will pick it back up during the beginning part of Jan after the holidays are over.  It was perfect timing really but it was very difficult to bring myself to do it while I was making great gains with the heavy 5s, my biggest gaining rep range.  

    My bodyweight went from 170 before the 15s, to 165 after the 15s (lost a small gut), went to 167 (while losing even more waist) through the 10s and then leaped up to 175 into the 4 weeks of 5s.  I guess I've got a lot of fast twitch fibers?

    Most of the following measurement increases were made during my 5s which lasted 5 weeks altogether (the last 2 weeks of which I added "cheating" techniques).  Thought I was going to have to buy all new shirts if this kept up.  lol

    Forearms - 11 1/4 to 12

    Arms - 12 3/4 to 14

    Thighs - 20 1/4 to 21 1/4

    Calves - 14 1/2 to same (didn't work em this time)

    Waist - 34 to 32

    Shoulders - 46 1/4 to 48 1/2

    Chest - 41 to 42

    I will definately be getting more plates now.  I was working with a standard set but may jump to Olympic now.  

    The weights that I workout with increased a great deal during this most recent cycle.  I FEEL I'm a weakling when it comes to how much weight I workout with so without displaying the exact weights I'm lifting I would still like to share with you all my increases during this cycle. ;)

    Workout Weight Increases (5 rep range)

    Squats up 30 lbs

    Incline Bench Press (20 degree) up 40 lbs

    Bendover Rows up 20 lbs

    Military Press up 20 lbs

    Close Grip Military Press up 40 lbs

    Barbell Curls up 10 lbs

    Reverse Barbell Curls up 10 lbs

    Behind Back Wrist Curls up 20 lbs

    Shrugs up 20 lbs (as much as I can put on barbell)

    Crunches up 30 lbs and then more than I could fit onto dumbell (over 85 lbs) (will try doing on bench with barbell next time)

    Anyway those were the results for this cycle.  My all time goal has been to break 180.  That made it that much more difficult to stop during this cycle.  When I last weighed myself I was 176.  So so close.  

    But I have no doubt I will MORE than break it the next cycle!!

    Taken after well into the 15 reps range and after losing a gut and getting a little pumped;


    Taken after the completion of the cycle on 12/23/06;


    Some say that these are "newbie gains" and that is most probably true.  But they are only gains I could make with HST as my body just did not take well to any other program like this.....and I've tried a lot of them.  I made very good gains with the 1st 2 cycles as well so it cannot all be attributed to "just" creatine supplementation, though I think that helped a lot.  

    One thing I kept in mind during all three of my cycles is to keep things simple and not overwhelm myself with any one aspect of this whole program, including diet.
  7. bgates1654

    bgates1654 New Member

    4th cycle (Bulk, cut, cut, bulk)
    2nd bulk

    Starting Date:  11/27/06
    Ending Date: 1/27/06
    Duration: 9 weeks

    Starting Wt: 178.8
    Ending Wt: 191.4
    Change: 12.6
    Method of Analysis: Measured daily in the morning; averaged weekly.

    Starting BF%: Unknown (15.8% @ 12/13/06)
    Ending BF%: 16.0
    Change 0.2+%
    Method of Analysis: Omron HBF-306 (Bioimpedance)
    Measured daily in the morning; averaged weekly.

    Starting LBM: Unknown (150.5 @ 12/13/06)
    Ending LBM: 160.8
    Change: 10.3+
    Derived from bodyweight and BF% analysis.

    Upper Arm: From 36.5 to 39cm A change of 2.5cm
    Mid Thigh: From 56.5 to 59cm A change of 2.5cm

    1x15+ short rest then 1x5 for 2 weeks
    2x10 for 2 weeks
    [email protected] 60-70% of working weight then 3x5 continuing to push up weight until progress cant be made, then moving to negatives. In negatives ab/olbique work was cut.
    No cardio
    Occasional decline wall climbing
    Rest was as long as I needed
    RMs estimated from last cycle.
    Workout was preceded by a 3-5 warmup on a stationary cycle
    Workout was followed by a full body stretching routine: 20 seconds passive stretching immediately followed by 10 seconds of isometric stretching.

    Squat / Deadlift
    Incline Bench / Dips
    Pendlay rows / Cable Rows
    DB curls
    Oblique machine
    Ab machine
    Ext Rotator

    Strength gains: (3x5 completed)
    Squats / Deadlifts: Some gain; Not quantifiable due to minor knee injury causing interruption and restart of these lifts giving no PRs, It just felt easier than before.
    Incline Bench: 0  This is probably because the benches where I exercised previously were set to 30 degrees while the one I exercised on this cycle was set to 45.
    Dips: +5lbs added weight.  With body weight included its +18lbs.
    Pullups: +15lbs (-10 to +5 added). With body weight included its +28lbs.
    Cable Row/BB Row: +25lbs
    OHP: +20lbs


    Counted Calories
    Starting caloric intake: 3100avg
    Bumped up to: 3300avg 2nd week of 5s
    I got a bit sloppier with the cals towards the last week or so making it closer to 3450 or so.

    Minimum 1g/lb BW Protein
    Roughly a 45/30/25 C/F/P macronutrient split

    Base Diet:
    5.5oz Carrots
    3oz Broccoli
    3oz tomatoes
    2oz spinach
    2 whole eggs / 4oz boiled chicken breast + 1 whole egg
    2/3serving of fiber one with 1/2cup 2%milk
    2oz mixed nuts
    2-3 protein shakes
    12-16oz fruit
    Rest of calories pretty much anything, but tended towards healthy/clean stuff

    Fish Oil

    Sleep: Generally 8 hours although towards the end it wasn’t cutting it so I bumped it up to 8.5-9hrs.

    Pictures forthcoming... need host. Its not really telling anyway with the nice layer of fat I have.
  8. colby2152

    colby2152 New Member

    Great #'s bgates!
  9. MO75

    MO75 New Member

    Well, I finished a cycle and had some pretty good results so thought I'd post them up. Bit of history, I had tried a HST cycle in the past but I guess I wasn't really that dedicated to it at the time, I didn't get great results and then had to stop it half way through. So then stop lifting for a while, then got back into it at the start of last year. Last year I decided to get lean as a priority, so cut for a few months, got pretty small actually (down to 79 kgs at around 10%BF), and I think I lost a bit of muscle but wasn't that bothered at the time. Then I decided to bulk properly, so did a kind of 5X5 program to bring my strength up a bit and see how strong I actually as, before starting with HST again.

    So anyway, that brings us to now. I did a pretty much straight up vanilla HST program, 3 X weekly, full body, exercises listed below. Started the 15s on 2/12/06, and finished Friday, 2/2/07. I also did rowing and stationery bike riding/treadmill/cross trainer for 40 minutes 3 X weekly on off days.

    Height: 188cm (6'2")
    Age: 32
    Pre-HST Weight: 85 kgs (187lbs)
    Post-HST Weight: 89 kgs (196lbs)
    Pre-HST BF%: Around 13%
    Post-HST BF%: Probably around 15%

    Shoulders: 116cm (46.4") 120 (48") = +4cm/1.6"
    Chest: 98 (39.2") 99.5 (39.8") = +1.5cm/.6")
    Biceps flexed: 36.5 (14.6") 37.5 (15") = +1cm/.4")
    Biceps relaxed: 33.5 (13.4") 35 (14") = +1.5cm/.6")
    Waist: 91.5 (36.6") 90 (36") = -1.5cm/.6")
    Hips: 99.5 (39.8") 102 (40.8") = +2.5cm/1")
    Thighs: 59.5 (23.8") 61.8 (24.7") = +2.3cm/.9")

    So gained everywhere quite a bit, except around the waist (which says it shrunk actually, but I think that's down to human error in the measurements, the waist is probably about the same as it was). On the arms, I dropped isolations altogether for the last probably 4 weeks and still gained quite a bit on the arms, so I guess the compound exercises do enough for me personally to keep growing in the arms, they still have a way to go yet, I mean they are pretty small still but good to see them getting bigger.

    Strength wise, I really managed to bring the weights I'm lifting up quite a bit. Pre-HST I did a 5X5, but the weights listed are the heaviest I managed to do 3 full sets of 5 of. HST I did 3X5 (and the weights listed I managed 3 full sets):

    (1st number pre-cycle, 2nd post, barbell weight added to figure)
    Squat: 85 kgs (190 lbs) to 100kgs (220lbs) = +15kgs/30lbs
    Hammer bench press: 78 kgs (170lbs) to 98 kgs (215lbs) = +20kgs/45lbs
    Deadlift: 95 kgs (210lbs) to 130 kgs (285lbs) = +35kgs/75lbs
    Upright row: 35kgs (77lbs)  to 45kgs (100lbs) = +10kgs/23lbs
    Hammer shoulder press: 78kgs (170lbs) to 88kgs (195lbs) = +10kgs/25lbs
    Dips: BW+15kgs (33lbs) to BW+22.5kgs (50lbs) = +7.5kgs/17lbs
    Bent over row: 55kgs (120lbs) to 70kgs (155lbs) = 15kgs/35lbs
    Pretty good strength increases, not too sure if it's absolute strength or I just hit some PBs without getting injured kinda thing. I think that will probably slow down a lot at the end of cycle 2, but we'll see. I did these exercises throughout the whole program, but during the 15s and 10s I had a few more that I dropped as the volume was getting a bit too much, some bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, flyes, and I did ab work probably once or twice a week as well.

    Diet wise, I ate around 3600 calories per day to start with, that moved up to over 4000 calories at the end. I noticed that I made better gains if I ate a bit of extra junk food, like the office cakes and biscuits and stuff like that. My diet was mostly "clean", but getting the extra calories in made a fair bit of difference... I wouldn't recommend that everyone goes out and gets on MO75's Office Cake and Biscuit Diet, but for me I think I just need the extra calories and really just need to get them in any way I can...

    So in summary, 8 week program, 4kgs/9lbs gains, strength is up a lot, added mass in places I wanted to, didn't gain mass in places I didn't. From here, I'm doing another bulking cycle for 8 weeks, then I'll cut a bit of the excess fat for summer.
  10. cxw

    cxw New Member

    1st HST cycle. Overall, I really like this system.

    Weight 71kg to 72.5kg
    Forearm 27cm to 27cm
    Bicep 27cm to 29cm
    Chest (at nipple) 89cm to 93cm
    Waist 88cm to 89cm
    Upper thigh 54.5cm to 56cm
    Calf 35.5cm to 35.5cm

    My lifts were (comments in asterix, if done with negatives (neg) is in brackets, else clustered during the negative stage)
    Front Squat *a
    Chin up (neg)
    Arched back good morning
    DB Bench
    Dynamic Row
    DB Military (neg using push press for the positve)
    BB Curl *b (neg using cheat curl)
    Russian Twists *c

    *a) Due to being in temporary accomodation without a rack I couldn't do back squats. Front squats were fine once I hit the 5s, but in the 10s and 15s my lower back struggled. I don't think front squats are good for much over 5 or 6 reps
    * b) These were dropped after 3rd negative session. I was able to do 3 reps and then cheat curl the weight up for the last 2 negatives. This ended up hurting my wrists too much
    *c) These were droppped after the 5s
    You may notice no deadlifts. Due to the accomodation I was in, I was worried about damage to the floor from the heavy load.

    I had most of my gains during the 10s. I did 1x15, 2x10, 3x5 and 3 sets for the negatives.

    I definitely think there was too much volume in the 5s and negatives (and possibly the 10s). Therefore, my next cycle I'm going to reduce the numbers of sets to either 1 or 2 for both the 10s and below - the number will probably differ by excercise.

    In terms of my lifts, below are the lifts I've been doing a while where their would not be CNS improvements:

    Front squat old 3RM = 57.5. New 4RM = 60.

    Chin up Old 4RM = BW + 5kg. New 4RM = BW + 10kg.

    BD Bench Old 3RM = 17.5kg (per dumbbell). New 3RM = 20kg.

    DB Military Old 4RM = 16kg (per dumbbell). New 4RM = 17.5kg.

    Below is my new cycle that I'll do, with and A/B split

    Back squat
    DB Bench
    Chin up
    BB Military
    Bulgarian Squats
    Dips (only from the 5s onwards as I'm very weak at these)

    Power clean (only from the 5s onwards)
    Snatch grip deadlift
    DB Bench
    Chin ups
    BB Overhead Shrug
    Bulgarian Squats

    The main reason I'm doing bulgarian squats next time is that they're be easy to do negatives with. None of the suggested routines have 1 legged work which can have negatives, but it seems a good idea to me.
  11. mport1

    mport1 New Member

    Not great results, but I am also a very slow gainer. Additionally, I don't know how accurate my caliper actually is. Also, my height is 5'5''.

    • 4/1/05 – 133 pounds 9% body fat (LBM – 121.03)
    • 4/10/05 – 134 pounds 11% body fat (LBM – 119.26)
    • 6/21/05 – 142 pounds 13% body fat (LBM – 123.54)
    • 7/7/05 – 136.5 pounds 11% body fat (LBM – 121.49)
    • 3/7/06 – Pre SD and after a cut, 128.5 pounds 6-6.5% body fat (LBM – 120.79-120.15)
    • 3/20/06 – Post SD and beginning AM/PM 6x a week, 131 pounds, 7% body fat (LBM – 121.83)
    • 7/29/06 – 1 Week left of post 5s, bulking, new HST with increased sets, 144.2 (LBM – 128.3)
    • 8/9/06 – Finish of 7th cycle, bulking, 145.6 pounds, 12% body fat, (LBM – 128.13)

    Last year (I'm on the left):

    Last year (yeah I look stupid, it was an anything but clothes party):

    This year after taking some time off HST and gaining a lot of weight on cruise (on left):

    This year:
  12. Grief Eriksson

    Grief Eriksson New Member

    Well, I've been lurking around the forums long enough, its time to stop sponging up all the reams of info and actually participate.  I am really pleased to say that for my very first post, I have nothing but great things to report.  HST tore down/chewed up/spit out/lit on fire everything I thought I knew about bodybuilding and delivered results unlike anything I have previously experienced.

    My one and only regret is that aside from total bodyweight, I didn't take any physical measurements and pictures.  My weak doubting logic was: "I've been plateaued and burned out for years,  HST sounds promising, but how much could it really surprise me?"  I now humbly apologize, I was completely surprised and am now completely stoked.  HST-virgins reading this; TAKE MEASUREMENTS + PICTURES!  You will know what I mean after you carefully apply the principles of HST.  Stop doubting and just take a chance on it, what have you got to lose?

    I am at the end of week 6 of my first HST cycle, I still have 2 weeks to go, attempting to plow through my 5RMs and into eccentrics, and I have already gained 11.8 lbs, from 193.8 to 205.6, while taking in two notches on my belt (unintentionally, I should have been eating more).  I cannot believe it.  I hate myself for previously wasting so much time and effort before finally finding HST.  Instead of being frustrated and burned out after years of 3-day splits and insurmountable plateaus, I am rejuvenated and excited about weightlifting again.

    If I'd have realized what HST was going to do to me, I'd have likely gained even more, but I underestimated what my caloric requirements were going to be.  Sometime in my 10s I really noticed I was stripping fat (saw it first in my abs), so I promptly started to eat like an ape to maximize my muscle gains, but I wonder how much I accidentally held myself back by briefly going  hypocalorific.

    Other results aside from gaining nearly 12 pounds of good mass at the age of 33, were blowing through several strength plateaus (which surprised me since HST isn't strength-focussed), but makes sense if you consider that I was previously constantly banging up against total failure on all my sets in my prior feeble routine, and was just fatigued.  Speaking of constant exhaustion, I was previously fighting several serious injuries:  I feared that my lower back was shot (sharp, shooting pain all the time, simply getting out of bed was agony), my rotator cuffs were a constant dull nag, and my joints were starting to suffer a continuous ache, shooting to sharp agony at times.  I feared I was just getting old, and was going to have to start taking it easy on myself.  After a single 2-week cycle of 15s, my lower back was basically 90% again, my rotator cuff pain was a distant memory,  my joint pain was 100% resolved, and I cannot measure what that is worth to me.  It was truly amazing, I don't think I will ever skip the 15s now that I've seen how my body responded to them in terms of both healing and hypertrophy.  Other results include getting my girlfriend excited about weightlifting, and thanks to HST she's now approaching the tightest shape I ever remember her being in.  My morale is way up, and while that is sort of an intangible result, in my opinion it is one of the most appreciated.

    Enough gushing, I'll wrap it up by saying thanks to Bryan and all of the people who contribute in even the smallest way to this forum, not only the knowledgable answers, but the hungry questions too.  I can't wait to finish this first cycle, move into SD, then jump into round 2 of HST and what kind of true potential I can achieve.

    AKUFADUM New Member

    I started in September 2006

    Weight 210
    BF 24% (according to a scale not sure how accurate it is)
    Didn't have measurements back then too bad would have liked to have seen the difference.

    Weight 204
    BF 19% (according to the same scale not sure how accurate it is)
    But My shirts did get a little tighter and my pants got a lot looser!!

    Here are my measurements:
    Chest: 46.5"
    Neck 16"
    Waist: 35"
    Hips: 38"
    Thighs: 25"
    Calves: 14"
    My arms however are a piddly 15" (Flexed).
    This is also assuming that I measured everything properly...

    I am quite satisfied with my accomplishment but unsatisfied with the puny arms.

    As for the body fat a couple of friends of mine think that I am about 16% BF.
    But I really can't tell so I am going to go with 19%.

    Ultimate Goal: 10% BF by my birthday (Aug 24).
    But I will be happy if I get to 10-14ish.
  14. quadancer

    quadancer New Member

    My friends and I are having some discussions about serious results from programs, and have some photo-verified testimonies from other programs.
    The problem we have is, "proving" HST. It seems that there are testimonies in writing, but nobody really takes the before pics.
    Are there any sets of pics out there that show dramatic results from the HST program? I'm talking about guys who now LOOK like bodybuilders, and not just gained weight.
    I'll enclose mine from my MuscleNow results as an example.
  15. quadancer

    quadancer New Member

    Double is slow, not loading.
  16. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    I actually have some pics of myself at 145 lbs, but I have to scan them in... might remember to do that sometime. They aren't posed pictures, and I don't look like a bodybuilder, but you can see a dramatic change regardless.
  17. Slapshotz

    Slapshotz New Member

    This comparison pic was in another thread, but I guess it's worth posting here, too.  I'll admit, it wasn't HST, but rather a custom program developed by a trainer at my local gym.  He didn't work out with me, but rather gave me general dietary guidelines (yes, low carb, high protein/fat!), cardio guidelines, and weightlifting strategies.  Every 45 to 60 days, he would test my bf/lbm and we would tweak the dietary numbers and exercise combos.

    It's also important to note that my plan was not a rigid one.  It was tweaked every couple months, but it wasn't changed just for the sake of change.  It was changed based upon my results from the last scheduled measurements.  This is why I'm such a proponent of taking lbm/bf readings.  It's hard to get to where you want to go when you don't know where you're starting from, [​IMG]

    I started out at 187, 15%bf, and ended up at 164, 8.5% bf, as of my last measurement on 3/29.  Next scheduled measurement is 5/29.

    As a side note, I can't help but notice that my hairline seems to have receded along with my waistline in the last year and a half!!! [​IMG]
  18. quadancer

    quadancer New Member

    The amazing thing for you Mike, is that your bodyweight is far lower than before, but you basically look just as big. Most guys tend to look shriveled with that much loss, but not all.
    Regarding my earlier post, since this is a hypertrophy forum, I'm mostly hoping to see some mass accruements, since that's my interest and the principle field of discussion over here. I wouldn't expect steroid-like gains from any program, but you and I both know that MN can do that if a guy is tough enough to stick with it.
    My joints were not. [​IMG]
  19. Howard Roark

    Howard Roark New Member

    Here are my results from 1st HST cycle, which lasted 6 weeks.

    15's- 2 weeks / 1 set
    10's- 2 weeks/ 1 set
    5's- 2 weeks/ 1 set w/drop 1x

    I wasn't even near my maxes on the 5's, but due to a nagging pain in my right forearm/bicep area and not having my diet locked in well, I thought I would just rest up 12 days and start my next cycle with a more serious diet.

    And the results are:

    Oct 1st - 228 lbs.
    Nov 17th - 233.5

    But I actually lost 7.7 lbs. of fat, and gained 13.2 lbs. of LBM.

    Despite a crappy diet, I ALWAYS took in a PWO of whey/waxy maize. My next cycle I will take this far more seriously. I think I was a bit paranoid as I do have a good amount of fat to lose, so it was nice to actually get leaner as well.

    Waist- (- 2 3/4 inches)
    Forearms (+ 1/4 inch)
    Biceps (+ 1/2 inch)
    Quads ( + 1 inch)
    Calf (Same, but more cut)

    I will say that I have taken a few years off from workout out due to starting up my own business, however not even when I was working out consistently did I get these kind of results in such a short period of time.

    Thanks for the best workout I've ever tried Bryan! [​IMG]
  20. Krieger

    Krieger New Member

    Good results Howard Roark, your cycle is very low volume and you still burned a lot of fat.

    Can you show your exercises selection?

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