Zig zag : advise please

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by dor_dru, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. dor_dru

    dor_dru New Member

    Mentally speaking, the calculation of the work program on HST is hard to for me feel comfortable with.

    The 15s block ends and then the 10s block begin.
    In the first week i supposed to lift less then then in the second week of the 15s.
    If i can take the max RM15 wight, its pretty easy to lift less in the first week of the 10s.
    The workout feels pretty easy.

    what is the best solution?
    1. Increase volume in the first week - add a set
    2. Take the RM15 and lift it for a the first week (same wight for 3 workouts)
    3. Add wight - take the calculated wight of the 3rd workout in the 10 block and lift it for the first week - 3 workouts?

    Maybe its just in my head and you advised me to do nothing.
    In that case if im not feeling sore like i used to (AB) is that ok?

  2. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Zig zag doesn't matter.
  3. Bulldog

    Bulldog Active Member

    Like Totentanz said, zig zag doesn't matter. Think of those easier workouts as a deload of sorts that will let you push harder when the weights get heavy again.
  4. dor_dru

    dor_dru New Member

    On this workouts there still will be hypothrpy?
  5. Bulldog

    Bulldog Active Member

    Yes. The overall load progression over the entire 8 week cycle is what is important.
  6. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

  7. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Zig zag has not bothered powerlifters for a century. And they are big as fuc|<.
  8. seemore

    seemore Member

    Yeah the zip zagging thing not being a problem is counter-intuitive, it hasn't affected gains in the past. So I don't worry about it now.

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