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Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by bigm77, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. bigm77

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    I don't understand how 1-2 sets of only like 10 exercises are supposed 2 help you gain. I read but still it seems akward. I don get the pump or anything. Only a tiny soreness the next day!
  2. Dianabol

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    Dear bigm77,

    The apparent lack of soreness and/or pump should not hamper nor impede your progress in any way. In fact, these factors are unnecessary for hypertrophy to occur. In time to come, the tiny soreness might not even be there and this really should not be any cause for concern either.

    Should you feel the need to do more, then have AM/PM workouts, but eat more to make up for such extra activity. If not, growth will be compromised due to insufficient calories.

    Godspeed, and happy HSTing :)
  3. Singleton

    Singleton New Member

    Pumping works. Really. It works.

    * Fascial stretching (necessary for growth)
    * engorgement with lactate to stimulate igf-1
    * better vascularity

    As far as being sore, I have always tried to avoid this by warming up and stretching afterwards. By doing hot/cold intervals in the shower, and by having a good shake right after I come out of the locker room.

    Stuff to do for a better pump:
    * Less rest between sets.
    * stretching, squeezing, and flexing out during and after your WO.
    * handstands/headstands. Handstands will pump up your forearms and add vascularity to them.
  4. Singleton: A pump is nothing more than a sudden flush of blood to the muscle from rapid concentric reps. The only usefullness of a *pump*, in terms of hypertrophy that is - to make you feel good :D.

    ...want a real pump? Try the One Day Arm Cure. It will do nothing in terms of hypertrophy, but will make your arms appear much larger due the amount of blood in the muscle.
  5. Singleton

    Singleton New Member

    Okay, I'd like to see the 1-day arm cure. Where is it?

    Stretching the fascia is necessary to growth. Pumping your muscles will stretch the fascia. And for the other reasons I mentioned, pumps help.

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