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  1. Lance

    Lance New Member

    I'm planning on doing an AAS cycle with HST. I did it with M1T/4-AD last time, this time i want to try it with some illegal AAS. [​IMG]

    I was thinking Test Prop. since it is fast acting and fast leaving, b/c i don't know how i'd do a 2 week cycle with something that lasts for 2 weeks as it is. And as much as i was searching on other boards (steroid boards) for info. on a short prop. cycle, i didn't realize what blade said about it right in the FAQ.

    "The short cycle concept was popularized by Bill Roberts, but I heard of it many years ago - even the late Duchaine talked warmly about it. There is only one study that I know of, and that one used testosterone Propionate for 2 weeks. The reasoning is that using short-acting esters (propionate, acetate + orals) and ending the cycle before the 14 day point will restore endogenous T faster than a longer cycle. Whether it is 14 days or longer is not proven yet, but anecdotal evidence points to 14 days being pretty close to it, and going past this point will prolong recovery."

    That let me know i was thinking correctly about going with prop. But this is what confused me that Blade said next.

    "One isolated 2 week cycle is ineffective, since the body needs some time to adapt to levels of hypertrophy beyond the genetic potential (or more specifically satellite cell activity and hyperplasia)."

    After that quote, i'm kinda lost. But i guess i'll stop rambling, post my plan, and see what you guys think or if anything is wrong with it.

    Test Prop. 500mg, 2 weeks
    followed by clomid Therapy

    This would be during my last week of 10's and first week of 5's, just as i did with my M1T cycle.

  2. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    The problem with a short cycle using short acting esters is that right when you are ready to grow, you stop. The gains you do make will fade for the reason Blade said. So, yes your HPTA will recover quicker, but you will make minimal, short lived gains. IMO
  3. xahrx

    xahrx New Member

    I'd go with nolvadex over clomid. The sides tend to be easier to deal with and the drug more effective overall.

    As for the cycle question, Biz answered well. One guy I know of at a steroid board does this: he front loads a moderate adrogen for two weeks, takes a week off with no PCT, and then uses a good anabolic for another two to three weeks, followed by full PCT. Other people have tried similar cycles and report very good results.
  4. Lance

    Lance New Member

    Well according to the FAQ it's either short 2 weekers, or go for the long 8-10ers. I was planning on going with a short cycle for health reasons, goal reasons (i don't plan on putting on mad amounts of weight, just a little boost :D ), and money reasons.

    So now i'm kinda confused b/c my last cycle was a 2 weeker, with good results, of M1T. And everyone said i was doing it right before i did it.

    So if my choices are 2 weekers or big cycles, and i choose a 2 weeker, what AAS should i work with? D-bols are fast acting right? Like 4 hours or something.
  5. Galvatron

    Galvatron New Member

    If I understand what everyone's saying correctly, then the idea is to use a sequence of short cycles instead of one big long session. I seem to recall having read that 2 on, 2 off is a decent way to do it, but I can't remember now where I read that.

    Where is this faq that you're referencing?
  6. xahrx

    xahrx New Member

    M1T is some pretty good stuff if you respond to it. Sounds like you did. Another cycle along those lines would be nice. dianabol is an oral so it's quick in, quick out as far as effects go, but it aromatizes, M1T doesn't. If you use dbol you'll probably need to add an aromatase inhibitor, or use low dose nolva thoughout the cycle, even for just two weeks.

    You could go with an androgen that produces good strength results rather than an anabolic. That way you could do basic HST but up the weights more than you usually would. Might lead to gains that are easier to keep, plus PCT is usually easier depending on the substance used. If you respond to MOHN that might be a good option.
  7. Calkid

    Calkid New Member

    I think blade's quote is more of an issue if you're already quite large. If you still have some natural growth left (which almost all non-users do), then a 2-weeker will allow you to hopefully cover more ground without shrinking much later.
  8. Lance

    Lance New Member

    Well the M1T did work well. Although it was also my first HST cycle and also my first time bulking ... so i don't know what made the results. But they were great. =)

    I just realized that my buddy who i havn't talked to for years, and we now work together, he's been doing steroids now for about a year. He has sources, and now that i know i have a source for it, i want to try it. But i want to do a 2 week cycle, and i'm wondering what to use. I know Test Prop. and D-bols are fast in, fast out, lol. Same with M1T though. Any suggestions? I was planning on gaining some lean mass, but if it's not suggested, i'll just bulk this cycle.
  9. Pauly

    Pauly New Member

    Might have been me? Ive posted about my 2on-2off cycles.


    I was impressed with the results/side effects ratio of two weekers. If I ever went to 3-4 weeks with AAS I got an outbreak of acne, which I wasnt prepared to put up with.
    I ran about 4 2on-2off cycles back to back and made steady (not fantastic) progress and suffered no outbreaks. The lack of sides swung it for me.

    I must admit though that I broke out across my chest and shoulders this last cycle (about the fifth such back to back 2on-2off cycle). I couldnt work out wh yI would suddenly break out after beiong fine for so long. I now think it was diet related and not due to the AAS, but thats something Ill find out in a month or two when this has totally cleared up and I go back on (although Im now thinking about 2on-4off if Im going to run them back to back as I dont want another outbreak! )

    As for recovery, I used Nolva for the two 'off' weeks and didnt lose anything inbetween cycles. Infact, my mate fudged up once on the Nolva and I went two weeks 'off' with no PCT whatsoever and still didnt lose anything (and Ive got pics if anyone doesnt believe me! ). I guess it must be true then that two weeks 'on' isnt enough to shut you down!?

    I ran 50mg dbol and 75mg tren every day for the two weeks on.

    Hope this helps,

  10. xahrx

    xahrx New Member

    Neither Dbol or Test Prop are really considered lean mass gainers. I'd say go with the M1T again, Winstrol or some other nonaromatizing steroid like that. Or, like I said before, go with a strength gainer like MOHN and use it to up your lifts a little more to the end of an regular HST cycle. You'll maximize your gains from the HST because you'll be able to increase the weight, it's legal which is a plus, and the PCT for MOHN is usually mild and quick.

    One thing you could do is this: use some test prop as a base for an M1T cycle. The dosage wouldn't have to be as high as if you were trying to gain from the test itself, and a minimal amount of nolva or arimidex can be used during the cycle to ward off estrogen.
  11. Lance

    Lance New Member

    I just don't know what to do now. M1T, test, D-bols, ? I'd rather take a bulking compound then a cutting (winny), b/c i'm more concerned with putting on weight, but would love if i could lean gain.

    Anyways, to the main question, what should i take then? And what's wrong with Test Prop ... b/c most say to use just test for your first cycle.
  12. Lance

    Lance New Member

    I think you're right.

    "One isolated 2 week cycle is ineffective, since the body needs some time to adapt to levels of hypertrophy beyond the genetic potential (or more specifically satellite cell activity and hyperplasia)."

    If you look closely at Blade's quote you'll notice he's saying an isolated 2 week cycle is inneffective b/c you need time to adapt to the muscle size beyond the genetic potential.

    If this is the case, then me doing an isolated 2 week cycle will be fine and keeping the gains will be fine, b/c i can assure it will be within my genetic limits still. I'm just looking for a boost, not a push past my natural limit in the case that i had reached it.

    Thus ... an isolated cycle should be fine unless someone else wants to chime in and say otherwise. And if it wasn't, i'm sure Blade or someone would have said something when i originally did my M1T/4AD cycle, which was an isolated cycle, and posted about it before doing it. He did chime in on my thread back then, and never said anything about it being inneffective.

    This brings me back to the cycle then, which will be a 2 week isolated cycle, within my HST cycle. So what should i be doing then? I don't quite understand what's wrong with Test Prop., D-bols, Winny, etc. I don't know everything about AAS and the more i read about it on sites dedicated to it with plenty of sticky's all about it, i just seem to get more confused. The only thing i seem to catch onto is cycle lengths, doses, PCT, pretty much how to safely use it but not all the science behind it.

    Only thing i know is that everyone keeps saying that the M1T/4-AD cycle was fine, and i could do that again. But for those who use illegal AAS for 2 week cycles, isolated as this, what do they use if everything else so far seems to be a 'no no'?

    Thanks alot, please accept my apologizes for all the questions, i hope i'm not annoying anybody,

  13. Calkid

    Calkid New Member

    M1T is a potent androgen that's also legal (not to mention cheap!) I would definitely include that for your type 1, AR-binding compound.

    This would stack VERY well with an aromatizing compound, such as 4-ad as you've noticed. If you have access to illegal stuff, dbol would also be very potent. However I don't know if you want two orals at the same time as your liver will be hurtin'.

    I say stack m1t with either 4ad or test prop, depending.
  14. Lance

    Lance New Member

    I finally got ahold of Illfacel online today, and he said he's now partial to M1T/D-bol, and is going to have practically a date with me tommorow online to explain everything to me, lol He's so dang knowledgeable.

    Only thing is, if it's reasonable, i was hoping to lean gain. And i know D-Bol is totally suggested for big time bulking. I was wondering about Winny, since it doesn't hold water, keeps gains well, but still (according to Bic Cat's steroid profile from bodybuilding.com) give fair to decent gains.

    Thanks Calkid and everyone so far, i hope this thread keeps active for learning reasons and to help me out. =)

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