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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Jester, Jan 3, 2016.

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    Massive fatigue from weekend.

    Deads; 2-220, 1-240, 250, 260. 2x2-220. Not really happy with this, likely to go again for afternoon session.

    Belt squats, oly shoes; 3x10-135.


    Deads; 1-220, 240, 260. 270 probably there but didn’t need to RPE 11 with the fatigue.

    Seated DL; 3x3-220

    Reverse hyper; 3x10-150

    Leg extensions; 3x15-110

    Hypers with concentric pause band around neck; 3x15, red band
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    Chin-ups mixed grips; 7x6-5kg. First set was garbage, the rest were better.
    OHP; 5-60, 3-70, 1-75,80,85. 90kg fail. Supersetted.

    Seal rows; 6x8-100kg. Imagining this as a seated row has helped a lot, so far as cuing goes, for whatever reason.
    Pushups; 6x15. Supersetted.

    SG BB rows; 10-70, 3x8-140. Definitely went over what I should have but only just. I’ll stick at this load if I can.

    Seated neck extensions; 20-15,15,12.

    Band crunches; 3x30
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    121.3. In a reasonable recomp zone, and my carbs seem to be about right to keep energy up. Probably still room for more cardio to nudge the mild plateau along though.

    Deads; 1-220, 9x1-240. Last week’s higher volume smashed recovery in general and was too high, I think. Threw something out on second to last rep my squatting it down instead of hinging. Should be ok in the end.

    CB box squats; 5-120, 2x5-140. Time to start squatting heavier. Box squatting seems to aggravate the left knee less over the long run.

    CB GMs; 3-170, 190, 2x4-210. Didn’t want to push the tweaked back.

    Reverse hypers; 3x15-160.

    Leg extensions; 3x20-120.

    Leg curls; 2x15-90.

    Hypers with bands around neck, pause at top; 15-red doubled, 10-black doubled. Black on the neck might cause issues, possibly could try holding the bands in a cross-arm hold against the chest to ensure profession is viable without causing neck pain/damage.
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    Seal rows; 8-100, 5x8-105.
    Pushups; 6x15 supersetted.

    BB rows; 5-120,160. 3x5-140.
    Wide OHP; 5x10, supersetted.

    Spinal rows; 4x10-110+double black and single red bands.

    Seated hyper rows; 3x12-110.

    Neck extensions; 20-15,12,12z
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    Step-ups; 15-be, 4x15-20kg.

    Leg extensions; 3x20-110.

    Pull-ups; 30x1 max-stim

    Reverse hyper; 3x30-90.
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    Time to bump the cardio mildly to push through plateau. Probably 15-20min increase 3-4x per week.

    Deads; 3-170, 1-220, 240, 250, 260. 7x2-220. Tried an 8th double beltless and it confirmed how weak my core is. Didn’t complete a rep if I couldn’t break it with the slack pulling.


    Deads; 1-220, 240, 250, 260, 270. Happy with these reps. New technique is mostly working out well.

    CB GM; 3x10-170. Need a reset on these and back to higher reps.

    Hypers with concentric pause; 3x10 with black band zercher.

    Session cut short on account of life stuff.
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    Seal rows; 6x6-110.

    Pushups; 6x15, supersetted.

    Pullups; 30 singles clustered.

    Neck extensions; 3x15-20. Time to micro load up.

    BB curls, fat gripz; 3x10-30.

    Reverse curls, fat gripz; 3x10-30.

    Wide grip OHP, fat gripz; 3x10-30. These were a bit light.
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    120.7 yesterday, 120.1 today. I’m expecting the daily walking increase to start showing up over the next week in terms of active recovery and the scale.

    Deads; 5x1-220, 1-240, 260, 270. Solid reps all around.

    Squats; [email protected] rpe

    Belt squats; 2x10-135, expanded ROM

    Reverse hypers; 3x15-120

    Leg extensions; 3x15-120

    Lots of assisted Nordic curls
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    Seal rows; 6x6-110
    Pushups; 6x15 supersetted.

    Pull-ups; 30 clustered singles, max-stim

    BB curls; 3x10-35

    Reverse curls; 3x10-35
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    Step-ups; bw-10, 1x15-20, 3x15-30.

    Reverse hyper, lower back only; 4x15-60. Christmas tree building.

    Lacked energy this morning, had meant to do more.
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    120.2. So much for trying to carb load and have a lazy weekend.
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    3x10 circuit of;

    Step-ups; 40kg
    Upright rows, wide; 70kg
    BB curls, fat gripz; 30kg
    Leg extensions; 110kg
    Cambered bar shrugs no straps (48mm pipe bar); 110kg
    Neck extensions; 22.5–>20kg drop weight when fail before 10

    Nicely cooked. Had to amend a few loads part way through, which informs next week.

    The cambered bar lets me hit grip again and means I can just flip it up instead of having to hinge down and DL up the weight and impact PC recovery negatively.

    Big day of carbs and walking ahead.
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    Ate probably 4-500gms of carbs but ended up walking about 13km’s.

    Should balance out I suppose, but don’t feel too wrecked.
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