A reflection on Lyles diet 2.0

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by ubbe, Jan 29, 2004.

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    Been reading about lyles diet and it is very interesting. I have been using the low carb approached for some time and it is working well. I have a question though and i am hoping someone could enlighten me. In his book, Lyle says there is little benefit of eating five or six meals a day compared to three or even two meals as long as you get all the calories and nutrients you need in the meals you do eat. In the past it has always been said in the bodybuilding world, that you suppose to spread your meals out so the body can get an even flow of nutients and protein to avoid a catabolic state. Now! my question is this, is the meal frequency only unimportent on a low carb diet. (i am thinking because you have more stabil insulinlevels) Or does it work on highcarb diets to. My problem has always been to be able to fit six meals in a busy working day so to be able to eat three meals a day with the same effect would be heaven.
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    This question has been a can of worms lately, but the newest consensus (that I've heard) has been that eating 3 meals should be sufficient, provided you eat enough protein at each of these meals.

    A thread of interest;
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    thanks for the article...very interesting.
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    I'm not sure if you know, but Lyle has a forum up at this place, where you can ask your questions directly to the man himself.
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    THANKS FOR YOUR REPLIES GUYS. I checked the sites and found some interesting stuff. :D

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