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  1. blueb73

    blueb73 New Member

    Why cant the bad stuff be good for you?:confused:
    I think my diet is my biggest weakness, so Im starting to keep track of EVERYTHING i eat.
    My stats are
    185 lbs
    approx 15% BF
    Using the info on diet provided, I beleive this is about what I should be consuming.
    3000/Cals per day
    Attached is the SS I am using. Started today (Jan 20th)
    Critiques are appreciated :)
    And where can I get a list of what nutritional values are for foods? Like 1 banana, or 1 cookie ( :D ), or an apple? Not everything has labels.
  2. Arbitro

    Arbitro New Member

    Depends on your goals. What are they?

    And do you have any idea what your maintenance calorie intake is?
  3. blueb73

    blueb73 New Member

    goals are to reduce fat, add some muscle(want a gymnast physique).

    according to the diet section, my maintenace cals are approximately 2220/day (185*12)
  4. Dianabol

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