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    frankly, on this topic, this Dr.Mercola is full of $hit.
    The incidence of allergy falls because hardly anyone actually eats raw eggs!!!!!
    In addition, we simply do not know which components are allergenic. and it might vary from person to person. So in short, his is an unfounded statement.

    Bearing in mind the population of the developed world, to who this article is aimed, this is actually a very significant issue. 1 in 30,000 is not uncommon considering populations in the billions!!!!
    According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the resident population of the United States, projected to 11/22/2002 at 8:38:51 AM EST is: 288,552,369

    that means that if every one of those people in the US ate 1 raw egg per day, potentially you would have 10,000 incidences of salmonella every day!!!! How uncommon is that?!!!!

    Just cook your eggs. Any nutritional losses will be insignificant in context with the rest of your daily diet.
    And if you have an allergy, dont eat the things at all, simple as that!
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    What kind of logic is that? The odds are still one in 30 000 that you get salmonela poisoning from your eggs. 1 in 30 000 is 1 in 30 000 wether it's a 30 000 or 30 000 000 population. What exactly is your point?

    There's one thing we should keep in mind while reading Mercola's advice on eggs, he assumes you're getting "organic" eggs and not commercial fed ones. I've been eating raw yolks for quite sometime now without any problems.
  3. stevie

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    my logic is that if every single person in the US took his advice, you would potentially have 10,000 incidences every day. That's epidemic proportions!
    The difference in view point comes if you are talking from a puely selfish viewpoint or one for the greater good of the US population. For the individual the risk is extremely low, but for the collective it is actually quite high.
    Its just how you frame the stats!
    (Anyways, for those who dont know me, im just having fun please ignore any stupid remarks i make)

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