adding whey to every low protein meal

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  1. I understand that protein, fat, and fiber all slow down the digestion, thus bringing down the glycemic index. If this is the case, does it make sense to always drink some whey protein with every carb meal? Because its in a powder form, I'm not really sure if it will slow down the digestion :confused:

    Since the glycemix index changes when we add protein/fat to it, why are people so concerned with eating low glycemic foods, such as brown rice. Wouldn't eating a higher glycemic food with protein bring the GI down?
  2. Yes, but it all depends on portions also. If you choose to wolf down 2 cups brown or long grain white rice, there is lil difference in glycemic value, but only a small amount of protein then although the absorbtion rate of the carbs would slow it wouldn't be by much. Also remember that whey protein is absorbed quicker than casseine based proteins. There is also some evidence that immediately post workout you should consume your protein with little to no carbs then in about an hour eat your carbs. Seems the gut blocks some of the protein when ingested with carbs. Pre workout you need both, carbs for energy, protein for synthesis in the muscle.
  3. I brought up the glycemic index because I keep reading that its healthier to eat foods that are low on the index. But then I also read that adding protein/fat/fiber lowers the glycemic index.

    When it comes to triggeing a rise in blood sugar levels, would eating 50 grams of white sugar(high GI) with 50 grams of protein be the same as eating 50 grams of brown rice(low GI) with an equal amound of protein?
  4. I haven't seen anything to contradict what I am about to say but I could be wrong.

    Sugar, very high GI when mixed with a protein will still have a reasonably higher GI than the rice assumption you make, this could be bad or good depending on insulin spikes and your current health.

    If this is what you are considering I would recommend maltodextrin, less likely to be trapped in the liver, therefore giving more glycogen for the muscles pre workout.

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