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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Louno, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Louno

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    i dont remember where ,i think its somewhere here , i saw someone say that as long as there is alcohol in ure system your body will use it as fuel first , thus replacing all the other nutriment and store them thats why u can get a beer belly if u drink beer alot or something...

    Anyways , i guess alcohol isnt very good if ure training , but what effect exactly does it have ? how does it affect your workout

    ( im not talking about being drunk while you workout hehe )
  2. Manic

    Manic New Member

    It’s mostly a question of dosage. If you drink with MODERATION, it should be okay.

    However... If TOO MUCH is consumed, it will :

    1) increase cortisol secretion, [​IMG]
    2) reduce testosterone production [​IMG]
    3) inhibit protein synthesis, [​IMG]
    4) suppress lipolitic hormones and cause a temporary suspension of fat burning. [​IMG]

    Alcohol, when ingested at night, will also inhibit nocturnal growth hormone release. [​IMG]

    That’s all I know about alcohol…

    Lots of studies support what I just wrote. I can give you a list if you really want to know… :)

    Hope that helps,


    P.S. : I forgot : regarding alcohol being "used as fuel first" : I think (read in different studies) that, yes, alcohol is actually used before fat as a fuel, until all alcohol is used or... stored as fat! Again, moderation should be okay.
  3. Louno

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    its been almost a year since i started lifting, and during all that time ive been keeping my alcohol consumption pretty low, to a point where i dont know if im exagerating or not...
    Is every drink of alcohol bad ?
    Does having like 3-5 drink one night going to result in reduced gains , and waste of workout sessions...

    Also one thing i almost never do anymore, is drink then eat, or both at the same time...
    But sometimes it can happen, how bad is it ?
  4. BIZ

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    Concerning binge drinking and how it affects your training...
    Personally, alcohol is more hepatoxic for me than the next guy, so I get set back a bit just from one night of binging (which I don't do anymore). My libido goes down and my training suffers, but only for a few days. I know for a fact (blood tests) that if I drink more than a few times a week for an extended period of time my test production goes way down and my liver values increase. Again, varies individual to individual.
  5. Dood

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    If you're doing this almost every night then yes it will certainly hurt your gains. If you are talking about once a week or less, then probably not.

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