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  1. jmm

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    I almost stopped drinking about 6 months ago, as I had lots of work on and was trying to get in shape (not quite stopped, but have a drink or two every few weeks at most). Now I'm stuffing my face most of the time to try to put on weight, and the idea of a couple of drinks per week is starting to appeal ;)

    The calories shouldn't be a problem - I could just eat slightly fewer carbs on days I have a glass of wine, to compensate... Is moderate drinking going to cause problems with training/gains, though, as obviously I could carry on (almost) not drinking...

    I know quite a few people who've stopped drinking along with going to the gym, but no-one seems that clear as to why it's bad. So if anyone's got a sense as to if/why it's bad, or links to studies on this, that'd be appreciated [​IMG]
  2. Bulldog

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    Excessive alcohol can negatively affect testosterone levels. But an occasional drink probably isn't hurting anything.
  3. colby2152

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    Excessive drinking is in the mind of the beerholder.
  4. Bulldog

    Bulldog Active Member

    I always thought that "beauty is in the eye of the beerholder"! [​IMG]
  5. scientific muscle

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    Moderate to light alcoholic consumption will not hurt you or your fitness. You are in the range of VERY LIGHT right now. Even one drink/day is light. It is impossible to say exactly how much alcohol is unhealthy, but more than one drink/day is getting closer to the fuzzy 'detrimental-to-your-health' line. If you are consuming only a few drinks/week you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Of course if you are consuming multiple drinks on a daily basis, not only is your liver getting pissed off, but you are dehydrating your body and doing other things which are not advantageous to muscle growth! [​IMG]
  6. jmm

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    Great - just what I wanted to hear [​IMG] So, is moderate drinking in the eye of the half-pint holder ;)

    Personally, the downside with heavy drinking was the hangover's - when it's hard to crawl out of bed and you spend lots of a day praying to the porcelin god, that's not good for training, or eating, or just in general...
  7. colby2152

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    Alcohol also slows down your metabolism.

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