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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Pauly, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. Pauly

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    I was wondering what is the actual transport mechanism for amino acid uptake into the muscle cell so that protein synthesis can occur?

    The reason I was wondering this is so I can maybe better design my diet to optimise protein uptake by the muscles (ie by playing around with protein types, meal timing etc.)

    It dawned on me this morning that I dont actually know the mechanism behind this. Obviously glycogen is stored by insulin but is there a similar mechanism for amino acid uptake?

    I think this is potentially quite important to diet design, since muscle growth relies on amino acid uptake into the muscle cell. Understanding this mechanism will hopefully allow me to optimise this process, rather than just consuming lots of protein all day long.

    As well as being an optimum time to consume aminos (we all know about pre- post-workout shakes) is there a time where high protein intake is largely wasted because the uptake mechanism is downregulated?

    Im hoping to optimise my diet because Im terrified of getting fat again while I 'bulk' (life-long fat kid). Just eating a few hundred calories over maintenance seems a simplified way of gaining weight that will inevitably result in higher than optimum fat deposition. I want to feed the muscles exactly what they want to grow, just when they need it and nothing else.

    Ive put 8lbs on in the last two weeks and although im on AAS im terrified of getting too fat on the way up and having to spend ages dieting it all off again!!

    Any sensible comments gladly appreciated...
  2. Aaron_F

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    thats going a bit to the extreme, and I have never really given it any thought before, because obviously additional protein works.

    there is specific amino acid transporters, but I dont think any changes to a diet will affect it much as most of the aminos taken in will go via the liver.
    Co transport from memory, insulin will increase amino acid uptake (probbaly from cotransport of aminos with glucose, but I cant remember my physiology at hte moment, and cant find it in my book) and insulin reduces breakdown.
    dont do low carb :)
    on androgens you shouldnt worry about it as much as a nattie would. Given to people not even weight training it will reduce fat mass and increase lean mass. So the assisted lifter will see a much better lean:fat ratio than a nattie could ever wish to see.
    Just enjoy the bulk
  3. Pauly

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    Anyone else know anything about this? Bryan? Blade? Lyle (if youre watching! )?
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  5. Aaron_F

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    I know he would say dont do low carb either.

    Bryan should know the transporter :D
  6. Pauly

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    Im currently consuming 400g CHO on training days, 250g CHO on non-training days. Is this enough to bulk on?

    My protein is very high (430 and 350 g/day respectively) so with only 3500 cals theres not a lot of room for carbs. Would I be better to drop the protein back a bit and increase the carbs to compensate? Say 350 PRO-500 CHO on training days, 300 PRO-300 CHO on non-training days? Any thoughts anyone? I was thinking about dropping the protin back anyway because my backside smells like a sulphur factory 24/7 and its getting a bit much!!
  7. Aaron_F

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    Carbs should be enough, I think I have talked an area of around 4gm/kg lbm at some point. I cant remember how much you weigh so its somewhere around the 400 should be high enuff.
    Protien is relatively high. I know AAS can increase protien syntehsis, but only to a certain level. Some go 1.5-2.0g/lb so I dont know where that falls on you.

    Why stick to hte 3500? it seems relatively low,

    sulphur factory, potentially knock back the proten and up carbs;fats or just learn to love the goodness [​IMG]
  8. Pauly

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    I do! Its the people I share an office with that have the problem!! [​IMG]
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    Somebody with more free time than me :)
    thanks for the links

    pauly if you want the second reference give us a yell and I will hook you up with the pdf (or harras Cylus as he should have it)
  11. Cylus

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    The downtime in the lab makes for good pubmed browsing :)

    If someone needs a copy of that 2nd pdf, I can get it to you when at work on Monday. I sometimes take it for granted that the institution has free access to most of the journals, hehe.

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