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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Staxx, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Staxx

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    I'm very interested in the Anabolic Diet and I also noticed that Bryan mentioned his diet was pretty similar in the FAQs.

    Would this be good for bulking along with HST? Also, when would be the best time to take in the 30g/day of carbs if I'm training M/W/F

  2. Aaron_F

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    Maurio encouraged the eating of low carb veges, and if you use all of the 30grams around training, that leaves no room for veges.
  3. Staxx

    Staxx New Member

    Thanks Aaron, so what are you suggesting? I also saw he suggests no food 45-60 prior to training.

    What are the main differences of the Anabolic Diet and the Anabolic Solution series?

  4. I think to myself alot of people dont fully appreciate just how much the energy demands are when training with weights. You are asking alot out of your body when you train with weights, ESPECIALLY, once the intensity picks up. The #1 way to generate ATP when lifting is anaerobic glycolysis. Glyc- refers to sugar, which you will not be gettnig enough of if you plan on doing 30 grams of carbs from vegetables. Not only will training get extremely difficult, your brain is going to have a fit with you because you are not giving it the 3-4 grams of glucose that it asks for every hour, every day.

    Youre going to start running on proteins and fats, and these 2 macronutrients, you can send them through anaerboic glycolysis (like glycerol from fats and gluconeogenic amino acids) but the pathway will not perform anywhere near as beautifully as it does when you actually eat carbs!

    Dont be afraid my friend. Carb out before and after workouts. I even drink gatorade during workouts to keep blood sugar high. If you want, after you have eaten your post workout meal with carbs, then yes, chill out with them the rest of the day, and chill with them on off days. This is called the targeted ketogenic diet, which you should read up on.

    Also, it might be possible to bulk with 30g of vegetable carbs if you were on AAS. I doubt you are though, so you need to eat carbs for your workouts.
  5. wwewrestlingguy

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    I've never done the anabolic diet and HST at the same time, but I have done the anabolic diet... bulking wasn't successful for with it. I get much better results when I keep the carbohydrate intake up. Some people get good results with the anabolic diet, but I wouldn't recommend it.
  6. Staxx

    Staxx New Member

    Thanks guys!

    What are the main differences between the Anabolic Diet and the Anabolic Solution series?

  7. SikhStallion

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    Anabolic Solution is's a very good read. I've been able to bulk and get lean off of the metabolic diet. Mauro knows his stuff...his supplements are the best ever too.

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