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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Louno, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. Louno

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    I was at my local supplement shop here in montreal, and i was looking for the whey protein brand i usualy take and the guy that works there comes along and ask me what im looking for...
    I tell him, whey protein X brand. he ask me if its to gain mass, i tell him yeah, he immediately proceed to tell me that its not good and i should take this "Mass Gainer" because its for mass... i look at the stuff and its a mix of carbs proteins and fat ... So i say, no i get my calories elsewhere i only want protein, then he gives me a ugly look and tells me its not the same, i should try the other thing because its good for me i just have take one shake after working out, i then ask him if i can take it before also and he tells me no never take shakes before working out, i tell him ive always done that 15-25 mins before going to the gym and he says its not good, and also tells me that anyways ure body cant absorb more than 30g of protein every 2-3hours so thats why only take it after gym... Thats when i decided the conversation should end so i just took my protein paid and left...

    The problem is that i was with my friend, and he thinks that everything that guy told us is true... he bought the weight gainer... i said he still should take a preworkout shake and that he still can have more than 30g of protein, but he is kind of skeptical because after all the guy was a "professional" and he must know better than me.
  2. baby a

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    While he is right that you need a caloric surplus if you are trying to gain weight, no one ever said that those calories have to come from a shake. If you are getting enough elsewhere, it wont make any difference. I would recommend getting a lot of carbs right after your workout though, which something like a weight gainer shake can provide. But, you could just as easily buy a bag of dextrose for a lot less than you would probably be paying for the weight gainer. And there is no truth to the myth that you can only absorb 30g or 50g or whatever in one sitting. There has never been any research indicating that that is indeed a fact.
  3. Jake

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    I would add that the guy was hired on the basis of his ability sell product, not because he is a storehouse of information. Sure, he was probabl;y quizzed a little when hired, or worse, maybe he was given a little booklet of 'facts" to rely on when talking to customers. Pardon my cynicism, but I've encountered people like this before in just about every type of store. You want expert advice, talk to a real professional, not someone hired to sell stuff!
  4. Louno

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    Yes carbs after workout is important, i know that although ive never bothered checking if i had enough? i take a protein shake with skim milk, for maybe a total of 20g of carbs, how much do i need ? ( i weight 157lbs )
  5. robefc

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    How great is the internet and this site in particular? Previously a lot of us would have based are opinons on people like this idiot from the shop and assumed the he knew what he was talking about (same thing goes for a lot of personal trainers).

    I've given up talking to people in nutrition shops, like this guy none of them seemed to have heard of pre-wokrout shakes and in contrast to this guy they often query why I want any carb supplements as 'it's much harder to get enough lprotectin than carbs and its protein you need to grow'.

    I still enjoy arguing with personal trainers but they all seem to think the key to growth is work/intensity, had an enjoyable conversation with someone who had never heard of the concept of using only compound movements for arm growth, I was asking her whether arm isolation movements were really necessary but gave up pretty quickly!


  6. Weight Gainer, I think, is more of a Meal Replacement product. So if you're looking just for a protein source, why would you need alien calories in it?

    Plus, it's much better if you can control and time the amount of nutrients you put in yourself..

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